Saturday, September 15, 2012

11 months old!

Aubrey Lane you are now just one month shy of being one year old! I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by.  I never knew a year could go by so fast. 
You are absolutely my favorite little buddy and I want to spend every minute with you!  You are hilarious, smart and full of personality. 

You love to take in everything that is going on and you don't want to miss a single thing. You are very observant and aware of everything around you.  I can't put much past you! 

Your hair is coming in like crazy and it is all over the place! I almost took some scissors to the back because it's starting to look like a mullet!  Bows won't stay in your hair by themselves and headbands are starting to look silly because you have so much hair!  I don't know what I'm going to do with you!

 You are about 18 pounds and wearing a size 3 diaper.  You wear clothes anywhere from a 3 month-9 months. You are very petite but lately I've noticed you are getting longer and taller.  Perhaps you won't be short like mommy and daddy! 

You still nurse 4-5 times a day and mommy is devastated to think about weaning.  Mommy is cherishing every single feeding because the time will soon come when you won't need to nurse anymore. 

You eat three meals a day and some of your favorite foods include Cheerios, crackers, sweet potatoes, roast, and chicken.  I'd say chicken and Cheerios are your absolute top two favorite foods. When I break out the Cheerio's box, you immediately start squealing with delight!

You are sleeping over 12 hours a night!  Praise the Lord.  You still get up to nurse at 4:00 in the morning, and I know I should probably put an end to that, but I'm giving you one more month before I drop that feeding.  I'm just not ready to let you go! 

You go to sleep around 8:00 and I usually have to wake you up at 8:15. You wake up smiling and laughing and are just so sweet in the mornings!

You still only have two teeth and they are absolutely adorable! 

You are starting to climb on everything!  You are definitely not scared of a challenge. You will climb into the dishwasher or dryer in a heartbeat. I've found you in baskets, tubs, name it and you will climb into it! 

Our 11 month photo shoot quickly went down hill when mommy decided the rocker was becoming are not afraid to express your feelings on any given situation!

Exhibit A
 We absolutely love you Aubrey Lane and cannot imagine our lives without your sweet self. We will miss this infant stage but we are also excited about watching you grow and develop! 

Happy 11 months my love!


  1. She is SO cute!! Love that hair! :)

  2. Look at that beautiful face! It's so amazing how much these little people pick up on so early in life!