Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Obsessed

For my 5th grade yearbook, we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew know...a doctor, teacher, nurse. However, I had much more in mind for my answer was an Olympic swimmer.  I kid you not. That was my dream and I seriously thought I would achieve that goal. At that young age I was naive to the fact that I am all of 5 feet tall and most swimmers are at least 5'9. The Olympics have forever been a fascination of mine.  I simply cannot get enough of the excitement and thrill of these fierce competitors going after their lifelong dreams. In fact, I would have to say during the two weeks of the summer Olympics, I am a terrible wife and mother. I may or may not have done the following...
I may or may not have put Aubrey to bed 45 minutes earlier than her normal bedtime just so I could catch the synchronized divers.
I may or may not have allowed Aubrey to play in the cabinet filled with dvd, electronics and other inappropriate items just so I could finish watching Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps go head to head in the 200 IM. 

I may or may not have scared Aubrey to tears with my screaming and yelling.
I may or may not have sang the national anthem to Aubrey at bedtime followed by a rendition of the Olympic fanfare. She was not impressed. 
I may or may not have been so engrossed in the men's gymnastics that I realized I had misplaced my baby. No worries...I found her literally sitting on top of the door of the dishwasher entertaining herself with a fork and a butter knife. Is there an award for mom of the year?
I may or may not have tried my name out on some stationary as Mrs. Ryan Lochte.
I may or may not declared these two weeks "empty out the fridge and pantry" weeks in order to refrain from having to take time out to cook. 
I may or may not have forgotten to pick up my husband's prescription because I was too focused on getting home to watch Missy Franklin in the 100 meter back. Hopefully his health will survive the next few days.

Introducing the future Ms. Michaela Phelps! 

She totally has her game face on, don't you think?

Maybe not...

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  1. Ha! You crack me up!! I love the Olympics. So awesome to see people go for the gold after working towards it for their entire lives! :) It's inspiring. I love the swimming & gymnastics.

    The kid I used to babysit watched the olympics years ago - he might have been 4 - and decided he wanted to do gymnastics. He started taking & now is a competitive gymnast! His mom used to worry about his height, b/c he wasn't growing. Doctors could find nothing wrong w/ him but his younger brother passed him right up! He is INCREDIBLY short for his age, but maybe God knew that is helpful when you're a gymnast. :) Next time the olympics come, he will be old enough to be in them. I can honestly see him there...he's accomplished a lot & is born to be a gymnast! He wins competitions a lot. So funny that he got hooked just from seeing the olympics on TV!