Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giving Grace Take 2

I read somewhere that "grace is getting something for which I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve and mercy is not getting something negative that I absolutely do deserve." Such true words.

It seems like I am constantly finding myself in predicaments where I am needing mercy and grace.  I remember this post I wrote a few years ago around Christmas time.  A client/friend of mine hired me to do their company Christmas cards.  The cards were directly mailed out to his clients without first coming to me.  Much to my horror, I discovered that all 300 of his clients received cards with the message inside written upside down.  I was absolutely devastated at the mistake. I know he was embarrassed and discouraged at the mistake, but he offered me nothing but mercy and forgiveness.  He was above and beyond kind to me, and showed me just how a person with dignity and character should act. I learned a great lesson from that mistake.  Not to mention I double, triple, quadruple check things before getting them printed....nor do I use that company anymore!

Last week I was headed to meet my sister in law for a little dress shopping with Aubrey Lane.  We were stopped at a red light and the light changed to green, so we began to move forward.  I momentarily glanced down and upon looking up I realized that everyone had stopped.  I slammed on my brakes but it was too late...I crashed into the person in front of me.  I instantly began sobbing hysterically, Aubrey was wailing and I was a complete disaster.  We weren't physically harmed, just stunned and shook up.  I immediately pulled over with the man I hit.  I do have to back up and tell you, I wasn't in the best part of town.  I was in an area of town that is known for being less than desirable.  I'll admit my first thought was, "I'm gonna get sued for everything we have!" 

We pulled over and I was a wreck myself...just sobbing and barely understandable. The man tried to calm me down and he immediately took me over to double check on Aubrey Lane.  He was so concerned about me and Aubrey.  He acted like my own father would have...kind, caring and compassionate.  He calmed me down and told me everything would be okay...his exact words were "ain't nothing to get so upset about...we all good!" 

We checked over both our vehicles and assessed that everything was just fine...not too much damage to either car.  He informed me that he wasn't worried about a thing but just glad we were all safe and sound.  I tried to give him my contact information just in case, but he said he was sure everything was fine.  He said it was just meant to be that we "bumped" into each other on that particular day.  

He showed me an abundance of grace and mercy and I left the side of the road just speechless.  He was a true man of actions...not just words. 

What a way to learn a lesson huh...sometimes it takes God really shaking us up to get our attention and teach us a lesson. It's a fact people... we will mess up...we will make mistakes and those mistakes will affect those around us.  Others will hurt us... we will get our feelings hurt and perhaps even wronged with ill intent, but it is so important that we forgive and supply mercy and grace to those around us. What a blessing to be on the receiving side of mercy, but how much more important is it for me to remember I have to give mercy and grace to others when I am hurt, mistreated or wronged...I hope and pray I can learn from others like this man and be an example of a gracious person. 

Lord...teach me to give mercy abundantly...allow me to show Your love by forgiving and offering grace to others. Thank You for getting in my face daily and opening my eyes to the lessons I need to learn.


  1. wow! so glad y'all are okay. and what a humbling prayer. i definitely need to work on not only offering grace to others, but accepting it from them, too! :)

  2. Ashlee what an amazing blog. I am so thankful for God's mercy and grace each and everyday. Thanks for sharing your heart with me and with others so that we can learn these lessons as well.

  3. Such a great post, Ash... Speaking right to my heart.