Thursday, February 2, 2012

Laundry and an update

First off, I'd like to say thanks to all my amazing bloggy friends who came through with shining colors for me.  I had so many texts, calls, emails and comments that I could barely keep up!  I felt like Pioneer Woman!  Ha...just kidding.  But gals were all over it like white on mayonnaise on a bologna sauce on ribs...(man I must be hungry)! I have to say how thankful I am to have such a sweet community of bloggers-ya'll rock my socks off!  Okay, I promise I'm done with the corny phrases!

The sheriff said they would keep us posted on the status of the case.  They are pretty sure the post originated from California so hopefully they can narrow it down and track the sicko who posted the ad.  I wish ya'll could have been a fly on the wall at my house yesterday-it is hysterical looking back at it in hindsight- although I was not laughing yesterday.

The police left our house and headed to my brother's house to check on my niece.  By this point I am a disaster-pacing the floor, almost in tears, just a wreck.  I get a text from my brother that says "they are taking her (my niece) into the station for questioning...take every single picture down ASAP." I immediately burst into tears.  I have officially done it...ruined my precious niece's little life.  She will be scarred for life.  I'm sobbing to Christian, "she is gonna be so scared...the police station is a horrible place...oh the horrors she will witness...I'm a terrible aunt...I hate the Internet!" Mere seconds pass and I get another text from my brother.  "Just kidding-the sheriff just came and said "hi" to her and then left!" Oh how I dearly love my brother.  Leave it to him to turn me into even more of a deranged lunatic!

So things have settled down.  No more visits from the fuzz.

I've done some research and discovered that really no one thing will prevent these things from occurring.  There are measures you can take that will deter someone...but ultimately if someone wants your images-they will find a way to get them.  You can watermark your photos or try disabling the right click feature.  Both are good ideas...but won't prevent theft all together.

I want to mention that if any of ya'll would like a watermark made for your blog, just message me and I'll create a custom watermark for your photos.  So many people have commented that having a watermark across your photos can be a safeguard against people stealing your personal photographs. I'm more than willing to make a custom watermark for your blog and walk you through how to insert it onto your photos.  Different editing software does it differently...but I'll do my best to walk you through the process.

A sweet blog friend named Jamie emailed me with an awesome link.  This link allows you to insert a code into your blog at the end of each post and it automatically disables the right click feature.  Meaning that no one can save your images to their computer! Try right clicking on my photos...

Although my sweet friend Amy over at Filled with Praise informed me that if you use the blog reader feature, this doesn't prevent theft. 

I do want to share the link in case you'd like to use this feature. 

Again I want to thank everyone for their sweet advice and support.  I sure wish we lived in a world where these things didn't happen and everyone could do their own thing...but in the meantime it is important to be informed and do what you can to stay safe.

And because somebody is so stinking cute and will not stop growing...I must document her on this day!  Miss Priss is 16 weeks old and growing like a weed.  Before long the laundry basket will be too small and I'll have to put her in a wheel barrow!


  1. Too cute!! She is growing so fast. I think she looks like you! And YES! If you could teach me to watermark, I'd forever be in your debt!

  2. I'll do a watermark too; at least when i have kids. That is so mean of your brother! HAHA! I would have DIED if i had gotten his first text! LOL. I hate internet sickos! :( You watermark looks good, too. And i definitely need to install that no-right-click thing! I've accidentally right clicked on people's blogs before & would get that thing "right-click disabled" & would be like, "I wasn't trying to steal your pictures!" HAHAHA! Now i see why they had it!

    Oh, what a lovely world we live in. ;)