Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dedication Day

Our little angel was dedicated on Sunday.  Our church dedicated 27 babies-must have been something in the water about 12 months ago.  It was such an incredibly special day because not only did Aubrey Lane get dedicated but also my sweet niece Ciel. 

 Here is my sweetie all decked out and accessorized to the max! Poor thing-I had a huge bow in her hair, jewelry, a custom made noonie holder, frilly socks and a scratchy dress to match! I just can't help myself!

There was a small reception before the service where we ate refreshments and received a word from one of our pastors.  Here is daddy and Aubrey!

This photo cracks me up.  Bryan is saying, "hi sweet look lovely in that dress" and Aubrey is saying, "don't you be looking at daddy says boys are bad news!"

 Dedicating AL to the Lord.

 "why do they insist on putting all these scratchy things on my body? 
Can't I just wear a onesie and call it a day?"

Sweet Aunt Kayce!

We thank the Lord everyday for our sweet baby girl.  She has been the best thing that has ever happened to our little family.  

From the moment Aubrey was formed, we knew she was special.  We prayed that the Lord would use her life to bring glory to Him.  I remember the day we found out about Aubrey's brain cysts.  I remember crying out to the Lord asking for Him to heal our sweet girl and let her be okay.  I also promised Him that no matter what the outcome of Aubrey's health...we would love her and raise her up in His will.  By His grace, we have a perfectly healthy baby girl and on this special day, we once again proclaim that no matter what Lord...she is yours.  We are just honored that we get to have her and hold her in our arms.  No matter what trials, tribulation or troubles that may come up...we will bring them and lay them at Your feet.  We pray for wisdom and guidance to raise this little girl up in the way that You desire.  

I pray that Aubrey will grow to be a strong, kind, compassionate, caring woman.  I pray that she will know the Father personally and long to please Him. I pray that she will do mighty things in His name.

Happy Dedication Day sweet Aubrey!  We love you!

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