Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Months Old

Aubrey Lane you are 3 stinking months old…can you please, dear child, slow down and stop getting so big! Time is flying by. It makes me cry each time I do another one of these monthly post! I’m thrilled to see you growing and developing each day…but I also want you to stay tiny forever.

You weigh about 10 pounds 5 ounces. No doctor’s appointment this month so we don’t know exactly what your measurements are. You are now in size 1 diapers and are wearing 0-3 month clothing.

You feed about every 3.5 hours and have mastered the art of nursing. You are done in 10 minutes tops! So much for quality bonding time with mommy…you do your thing and are ready to go!

You have officially started sleeping through the night-meaning I don’t hear a peep out of you until 5:30 when I wake you up for a feeding. We put you to bed around 8:00 then wake you up around 10:00 for a dream feed. We probably will start dropping that 10:00 pm feeding this month. You are seriously the easiest thing ever-we put you in your crib and you are out. I feed you at 5:30 in the morning and then put you right back to bed until about 8:45 am. I am amazed at how much you love your sleep. (Thank you Jesus!)

You love your naps, bathtime, your playmat, music and of course…daddy. You are beginning to enjoy sitting up and standing up. You are very strong and love locking those little legs and standing big and tall.

Mommy started back to work this month and you are adjusting well to the change. Mommy has had a harder time but we are settling into a nice routine that we both can deal with! Mommy’s favorite part of the day is getting off at 3:00 and heading home to see your sweet face.

You are smiling and cooing. Daddy and I spend endless amounts of time trying to get you to smile and laugh. We will do anything just to see that smile…including making annoying noises and singing outrageously aggravating songs! The more annoying…the more you love it!

Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for His goodness in giving you to us. We are so blessed to have such an easy, laid back baby! In Jesus name…you will bring that easy going spirit with you into toddlerhood…childhood and even into your teenage years!

We love you to pieces Aubrey Lane…you are our precious angel!!

I'd also like to give a shout out to this little PITR (pain in the rear) girl...she has also survived 3 months with our new addition and I must say she has done exceptionally well.  She gets on my last nerve, but she is fabulous with Aubrey.  She is very patient, loving and even affectionate with AL.  Lexie has gone from being number being forgotten in the kennel.  I have to give it to her...she hangs in there and still acts like she loves us even though we have totally neglected her. (Don't worry...we still manage to feed her least we try to remember!)  Poor Lex...she wanted to get in on the photo action last night so I felt it only necessary that she wear the sticker as well.  Today is a celebration for Lexie...she has survived 3 months without being shipped off to the pound!  You go girl!!

YAY Lex!  Happy-You-Survived-3 Months Day!!


  1. Oh, Ashlee! She is beautiful. :)

    1. Aww thanks Mel! Can't wait for you to meet her! We need to plan a lunch date!

  2. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! Those eyes! Gorgeous! She is getting so big too. Treasure every moment.

  3. the last picture! i was cracking up! :)
    and my word, can aubrey get any cuter?!?! adorable!!! and her hair looks like it has grown so much! and what a little sack of sugar she is! laney would probably look like she ate aubrey for lunch - ha!
    laney was born on the 11th,...i was just a day late with her post! ;-)
    and i hate to tell you, but as fast as it feels like time is going, just wait until if/when you have another. it is lightning fast!

  4. What a beautiful girl! Please share your sleep secrets. I am very impressed!