Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Phone Extract

I know lots of people call it Friday Phone Dump, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to use that terminology...I guess cause there is so much poop going on at my house that I don't want another reminder of it's existence!  Ha! TMI...sorry.

Speaking of poopies...this picture here was taken at the mall just moments after Aubrey blew out a diaper.  I mean it was a major mess.  You should have seen me scrambling- I was a nervous-wreck-mommy who ran out of wipes and was so not prepared!  But as you can see by the sweet face below...she wasn't fazed at all.  

Big girl loves to stand up.

 Isn't this terrible...this is how I found her after running into the other room to grab my phone.  Can you see now why she hates bows so much?  I am a horrible mommy!

Daddy and Aubrey enjoying some playtime.  Not sure who was more fascinated by the toy...daddy or Aubrey! 

 Kissable cheeks!

"What the heck are these things on my feet? Seriously mom...first bows, now shoes? When does it end?"

 Rocking the feather bow!

 I love this bumbo!  

 My sweet sis gave Aubrey what is known as a Wubbanub...and boy is it a hit.  It's a pacifier with a small stuffed animal attached to the end.  Aubrey absolutely loves it and it really does stay in her mouth better and she loves grabbing it and rubbing it.  Why couldn't I have invented this thing and become a millionaire?  

 "What you looking at Mommy?"

Happy Friday!  SO excited to have a few days to relax and just hangout.  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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