Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First day back blues and laundry

Today was my first day back teaching (part time) since I gave birth to Aubrey 12 weeks ago.  I have to say these past few days leading up to today have been extremely hard for me.  I've been a wreck.  Crying all the time...dreading leaving her...just a complete emotional mess.  But thanks to tons of prayers and support from many, I made it through and it wasn't the end of the world.  Sure... I missed her like crazy and thought about her at every possible moment, but I did manage to survive being away for a few hours and even found myself enjoying my students. I know she is in good hands with her daddy and Nanas/Memes so that helps make it more manageable. 

You should have seen me last night...I was rocking Aubrey to sleep...sobbing...singing Whitney Houston's, "I will always love you".  Ha!  It was a terrible sight to see and I even apologized to Aubrey this morning for having to suffer through that disaster. 

I'm glad my first day back is over and hopefully we will settle into a nice routine.  Hopefully one that involves a more sound minded mommy.  A mommy that doesn't sob through horrible 80's songs at bedtime!!

My sweet pea is 12 weeks old today!!  Please time...slow down.
My oh my...has she grown and changed over these last few weeks.  I think she just gets cuter and cuter! 


  1. Aw! I'm glad you made it through the day & that it went well! That made me laugh about you apologizing to her for the singing & sobbing episode! HAHA!

  2. oh how i remember my first day back. i was a MESS! it does get easier....i still cried on sunday nights and after breaks, but i was a wimp. :)
    once you get back into a routine it makes things a little better. are you just working a few days a week or a few hours a day?

  3. I found your blog from Amy's blog! Aubrey sure is cute. I loved catching up on your life. Your post about the fire alarm really got me giggling. There are lots of sounds that you do not even notice until there is a baby in the house.

  4. 1. I love the laundry basket photos!
    2. You and Aubrey will do great with you being back at work, in Jesus name!

    Love and hugs!

  5. Oh, she is so cute :) And I agree with Janee (above) - praying you guys will have a peaceful transition in Jesus name!!

  6. what a sweet post! your little girl is such a doll baby and i am loving those laundry basket pics. hope the transition gets easier for you. i know you will just love coming home after and scooping that sweetness up in your arms :)