Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eleven Questions

My sweet friend Melissa over at Little Mrs. Married tagged me in a post and requested that I complete the following!  It sounded like fun so I thought I'd join in...

1. What are your biggest pet peeves, not including traffic issues?

One of my biggest pet peeves is laziness.  I can't stand when someone is too lazy to at least try something.  I encounter this a lot with my students.  I know they are capable of so much, but they are content with just getting by with the bare minimum. Another pet peeve I have is if I make our bed...I do not want ANYONE sitting on it.  I know this is crazy and I don't normally have neurotic tendencies, but this one has always bothered me.  

2. If you could go on an all-expense paid vacation & take one person, who would you take & where would you go?

I would definitely pick Christian as my travel buddy (I'd like to bring Aubrey as well but the place I want to go to is for couples only...sorry baby girl) and the designated place would be Couples Resort in Jamaica! We went there on our honeymoon and it was pure paradise.  Christian and I swore we were going to go back before we had kids but obviously we didn't make it! 

3. If you could do anything you wanted for your next birthday, what would you do? (Money is no object & everything is okay to eat!)

Oh I like the everything is okay to eat part...I'd choose to go to Franks for breakfast...Jimmy John's for lunch and J Alexanders for dinner.  I'd request Otis Spunkmeyer cookies in between meals as well!  I'd like to go to an early movie before lunch and then after lunch I'd request a 2-3 hour nap.  After dinner I would love to attend a gymnastics or swimming meet at the Olympic Games.  Ha!  Seriously that is what would be my perfect day!  

4. What is your favorite play or musical? If you do not have one, how are we friends? (Totally kidding. I don't watch football, it all evens out!)

I performed in Children of Eden in high school and I really enjoyed that particular play.  I'd also love to see the Lion King on Broadway.  

4. What are some of your favorite girl names? Favorite boy names?

Girl names I love include: Sofia, Kylan and Olivia
Boy names I love include: Kason and Weston

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learned in life?

The biggest lesson I have learned in life would definitely be that you can never have life all planned out.  You have to learn to take each day in stride and go with the flow.  Aubrey is constantly teaching me that no matter how much you think you are in control...you aren't.  The moment you think you have it all together...that is the moment a poopy blowout occurs, you are vomited on or your dog pees on your bed.  Yep...these are the moments I'm learning to just embrace and laugh about later.  

6. What is your favorite recipe? (Link please!)

I love tons of recipes on Pintrest...but one that I have tried recently and really enjoyed is a creamy, crock pot chicken recipe. It's easy and fabulous!  http://www.divinecaroline.com/33616/28885-creamy-crock-pot-chicken

7. What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?

Can't tell you the last book I have actually finished.  I've started a few recently, but I have yet to finish one.

8. Who is your favorite author or speaker?

I love Beth Moore.  I also love Louie Giglio from Passion.  Both are amazing, Godly speakers who can always speak a word straight from the Lord. 

9. Which bloggie friends do you hope to meet in real life?

I'd love to meet my sweet friend Amy over at Total Tippins Takeover...her girls are adorable and she always keeps me laughing.  She also keeps it real and I can appreciate that now that I have Miss Aubrey.  

I'd also love to meet Kelly over at Kelly's Korner...she is just too cute!

Oh and I'd also love to meet Amy over at Filled with Praise.  Her family recently adopted a beautiful little boy from Ethiopia.  Her precious family is such an inspiration to me.  Christian and I would LOVE to adopt one day.  It's something we talk about often and pray that perhaps one day we will have that opportunity. 

10. What is your nervous habit?

When I get nervous, I tend to start shaking my leg uncontrollably...like... it looks like I'm having a leg seizure!
11. What do you hope will happen (that could happen!) in 2012?

I hope to participate in Rocketchix this summer...it's a local triathlon.  I hate running so I know it will be a challenge for me.  I've done it in the past with a relay team which was really fun...but I'd like to challenge myself and try to do the whole thing by myself.  

Thanks for tagging me in this post Melissa!  These questions were a lot of fun!!    

I'm supposed to tag 11 more people...but I don't think I really know 11 other blog buddies.  I'll tag a few friends who might enjoy answering these questions as well.

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That's all I got!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. you are so sweet! i would love to meet you, too! (Even though i feel like we kind of have - haha!) ;-)
    this just solidifies that we have so much in common -
    i have seen the lion king on broadway three times - no kidding! i loved it so much that i saw it again and again. my parents used to take us to nyc for christmas every year and we requested to see it two years in a row and then the i made jeffrey go with me, too! it is LIFE changing - i loved it so much!!! you have to see it!!
    and i love beth moore and louie giglio, too! i've heard him speak many times and he is amazing!!
    thanks for tagging me....can't wait to play along :)
    also - love the name kylan - one of my bff's little girl is kylin. and she's precious!

  2. I loved reading your answers. You are too sweet! I would love to meet you too! Maybe we could meet at a LSU vs. AR game some day :) I also love that you and Christian are praying about adoption. I hope I am able to follow your journey when you do, someday. You were such an amazing blessing to us during our adoption! I will never forget your kindness and encouragement.
    Love ya,

  3. I love this! Loved all your answers! Thanks for playing! I'm gonna check out that recipe & your bloggie friends! I don't mind people sitting on my bed - but the laziness one is a good one! I LOVE your perfect day!!!!

  4. I loved reading this too! We have a lot in common. That recipe sounds delicious!

  5. Finally posted my 11 questions answers!! :)