Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Phone Photo Clean-Up

Aubrey Lane had her 2 month shots recently and I must say she was a real trooper!  She got very mad and even shed a few tears (I had never seen her cry real tears, so I knew she was upset) but was quickly comforted by her daddy.   The saving grace of the day was "old Faithful" as we like to call the noonie.

Aubrey finally got to wear her handmade knitted dress that was made for her by a sweet lady at my work...isn't it just beautiful?! 

We tried to be all creative and do a Christmas craft with Aubrey...we started our project and quickly realized we had the wrong paint...so we packed up Aubrey and ran to Hobby Lobby. Got home with the correct paint and proceeded to try again. We failed about 6 times and went through a whole pack of canvasses. After about 12 feet prints later...Aubrey had had enough. Here is our little princess stripped down and covered in paint...aren't we fabulous parents?
Here is our kitchen after the disaster that was Aubrey's first craft. I'm too embarrassed to even show the finished product...it's a piece only a mother could love! Ha!

We went with our families to Bass Pro for a photo with Santa.  Aubrey did fine...didn't even notice the big guy.  However Aubrey's sweet cousin Emorie Jayne was not so chill!  Poor baby was not amused by our attempts to get a photo with Santa.  Oh this makes me laugh!!! 

And our week would not be complete without our signature pose...Praise the Lord!

Noonie buddies unite! Our sweet cousin Ciel!

And to top of our week, we got to spend sometime with our absolute favorite person...Uncle D!  Uncle D is one of the most special people I know and I am so thankful Aubrey is gonna get to grow up with him too! 
What a busy and fun few weeks we have had! 

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