Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Phone Extract

This is how I found her when I went to wake her up! She constantly has one or both of her hands raised...even when she is sleeping. She starts off swaddled but low and behold she always breaks free!
 It's so cute!

We went and ate lunch with Miss Adlee Shay.  It was so sweet to see her face light up when she saw us...she is the most precious little girl ever!  We sat together and talked while she ate...(I passed on "lunch" because it was 10:15...seriously...K-5 eats lunch at 10:15...that my friends is what I call breakfast!) Adlee held my hand while we walked to and from her classroom...priceless.

Aubrey Lane loves her Lexie Lou.  I on the other hand am finding Lex to be a pain in my rear...we are having a love/hate relationship lately.  Pray for Lex...

Pretty girl all dressed and ready to go!  I waited my whole life to have a girl so I could dress her in cute dresses and frilly bows.  Well...Miss AL hates bows...totally despises them...the only way I can usually get them on her head is to wait until she's asleep and slip it on.  

"What you looking at Daddy?"

Again...snuck that bow on while she was's only a matter of moments before she will realize it's there and start fussing and grabbing at it!

So Dog Gone Cute...

My content little sweetie.  I can't believe she is my child sometimes cause she is so easy going and laid back.  She definitely takes after her daddy's personality.

I recently had a friend ask me if I scrap booked and I was embarrassed to say no...but later on I realized I kinda do scrapbook...this blog is the story of our lives and it documents our days just perfectly.  I started looking back at my blog and it's so neat because I started blogging just months before Christian and I got married...and look at us now.  In a way blogging is even better than scrap booking because loved ones near and far can join in and see the special moments of our lives and the day to day things as well.  So I thought I'd encourage you to start a blog or pick back up if you've left off...blogging is such an awesome way to document life.  It's okay if the only ones reading your blog are your mom and mother in law! 
(Hi mom...Hi Mrs. Brenda) 

Start writing your life story...document your journey and enjoy the friends you pick up along the way!


  1. Well I see now that you have a blog and a baby...I'll have to keep up with you by reading your blog. Your baby is so precious!

  2. I used to scrapbook, but suddenly got SICK of it & quit. And i don't miss it! I started blogging around that time & it is so much better! Plus, you can turn your blog into a book if you want to! I also wanna start doing photo books. I did one for my wedding & it turned out so nice!

    LOVE the pics! So sorry she hates the bows, hahaha! :) She's a doll!