Monday, December 19, 2011

Firehouse Reminders

Our subdivision is directly across the street from a fire station. We could literally throw a rock and hit a firetruck…(don’t think I haven’t had that thought cross my on). I’ve lived in this house for almost 3 years and never really even noticed the sirens. Perhaps my senses are heightened all of a sudden or maybe the sirens are new and improved and 10 times louder…I don’t know what the deal is but lately all I notice are those darn sirens. Don’t misunderstand me…I know sirens are necessary and very important in alerting others to get out of the way so the firetrucks can quickly and safely make it to the proper destination…I know deep down they are very much needed…but must they sound the siren every time they leave the fire station? Must all of our neighbors and myself know each time they are departing to fight a fire? Surely not…I mean…can’t they wait until they at least get to a main street where they must cross intersections or turn at a light? I know my frustration comes from having a baby napping and the desire to keep her napping is very important to me. It’s especially frustrating at 2:00 in the morning when you hear it go off and then your baby decides it’s time to wake up and play.

The other day Christian and I got into a disagreement about something and we were slightly annoyed with each other. It was something silly and I cannot even remember what it was about; however, Christian ended up having to leave quickly after our argument to go to an eye doctor appointment so we kinda left things unsettled. I went and got Aubrey for her next feeding and sat down on my bed. Next thing you know…I hear that ear piercing…heart stopping sound of the fire siren. This time it was different…My heart dropped…I’ve heard that sound literally hundreds of times in the past few months but all of a sudden I had this realization that someone…somewhere was in a dire situation. I literally had to catch my breath because for a moment my thoughts ran wild. What if something had just happened to Christian…perhaps he had gotten in a wreck at the nearby intersection. Was that firetruck on the way to rescue my loved one? I had those crazy thoughts of what if that argument was the last thing Christian and I discussed…what if the last words he heard from me were those of frustration and anger? I immediately called him and thankfully he was just fine. I told him I was sorry, that I loved him, and that I never wanted to argue again. He laughed and said he’d see how long I’d last on that last promise!

I still hear the fire sirens on a daily basis and instead of getting frustrated or annoyed with the interruption; I say a prayer thanking the Lord that my family is safe and healthy. I thank Him that I have loved ones with me and ask Him to never let me lose sight of the bigger picture…and naps are not the bigger picture. Family…Friends…Health…those are what is important. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear at least one fire truck siren go off…but now I hear it and am reminded of what this life is all about. I’m reminded that life is fleeting and we are but just one second away from life changing moments. During this busy season, when it’s so easy to get flustered or annoyed with others…I encourage you to pause and count your blessings. Thank Him for the gift of another day with your loved ones…the privilege of time with those we hold dear and cherish. Perhaps I should go and bake some cookies for that fire station and while I’m there I might slip them a list of Aubrey’s naptimes and ask if they would mind avoiding using their sirens during those hours...

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