Thursday, November 10, 2011

A typical day-4 weeks old

These first few weeks of motherhood have flown by...half the time I don't know what day it is and half the time I don't even get to eat lunch til 2:00. Things are just different now. I want to savor each moment and remember each & every tidbit of these fleeting days.

This is what a typical day looks like for me... ( I realize this is boring and pointless for most people reading...but I want to be able to look back at these days and remember the special moments.)

My alarm goes off at 6:00 am. I can honestly say I hate my alarm sound. It has become the thorn in my side. I literally fantasize about throwing my phone (when my alarm is going off) through the window or placing it under a moving vehicle.

I unswaddle Aubrey...get her good and awake for her feeding. Lazy Butt isn't always in the mood to I have to work hard to get her alert and ready for breakfast!

Aubrey feeds for about 25 minutes...of which I have to diligently keep tabs on her so she remains eating. She is notorious for falling back asleep unless I stay on her. Poor thing...I think she secretly hates me at feeding times.

After feeding and burping, I take Miss Priss into her room to change her diaper. Most of the time these changings go off without a hitch...but she has been known to throw us a few curve balls...I'll spare you the details.

After this feeding I typically put Aubrey in her swing and try and steal a few more minutes of shut eye...thankfully I have a baby who loves her sleep so typically she will go back to sleep for another hour or two.

Around 8:30 is when I officially start our day. I usually try and sneak in a shower before Aubrey eats again. I am not always successful...thank goodness for deodorant and body spray!

Aubrey eats again at 9:15. Same story...same song.

We have a little "wake time" in which my sweetie plays on her mat and spends the majority of the time grunting and making surprises for Mommy!

Nap follows playtime. I am so blessed to have a calm, content baby...Aubrey usually falls right asleep in her swing and will nap while I do laundry, dishes and try and grab breakfast.

I wake Stinky Butt up at 12:30 for another feeding. And the feed/wake/nap schedule repeats itself.

Sometimes we venture out into the real world for an occasional errand but for the most part, we stay at home in order to stick to our schedule.

Another feeding at 3:45...followed by wake time and another nap.

While she is napping...I attempt to cook dinner...clean up the house and try and make things look presentable for when the hubby comes home.

Another feeding at 7:00 followed by the much anticipated arrival of Daddy! Bath time comes at 7:45...which Aubrey loves. Bedtime completes Aubrey's evening at around 8:30.

I often times put Aubrey into her bed at 8:30 and can be found asleep in my bed by 8:31.

My evil phone goes off again at 10:30 signaling yet another feeding. This particular feeding is the hardest one for me cause I am so pooped. I will literally groan and moan when I hear that alarm going off.

My sweetie goes off to dreamland around 11:15 and mommy and daddy are just seconds behind her.

I typically wake Aubrey around 2:30 or 3:00 A.M. for another "midnight snack" (hopefully this feeding will soon be given the boot)

Then...dear friends...hold onto your seats cause it's about to get wild...

Then...we repeat said day again. I told ya it was wild and crazy!

That my friends is a typical day around my neck of the woods. Not much variation. The schedule isn't interesting or particularly fun...but this sweet face makes it all worth it...

And yes...Aubrey is in the laundry basket...clean clothes I might add...I am gonna take one of her every few weeks in the laundry basket to see how much she's idea I got from Pinterest. A completely addicting website that you must check out. You'll thank me later.

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  1. love this idea!! you'll be shocked when you look back and see how much she's grown!! and your days sound a lot like ours...just throw a 2 year old in there, too :)