Monday, September 19, 2011

The waiting game...

We have begun the countdown into the final weeks til Baby Moots makes her grand appearance! The days are getting longer and the weeks feel like years...I have never been a patient person so this is not easy for me!

We went to the doctor on Friday and did an girl measured around 4.5 pounds (give or take 1/2 a pound) which is pretty much on target! She is still tiny and will probably not be over 6 or 6.5 pounds at birth...but you never know...she could be an 8 pounder! Bless her sweet little heart, she is sooo squished in there...poor thing is quickly running out of room!

I almost started crying when talking to the doctor about going a few more weeks, it's just overwhelming at this point to think of continuing on being this uncomfortable, but I know in the long run it is what is best for Aubrey.

I'm finishing up her room and hope to get nursery pictures up later this week... my sister in law came over on Sunday to help me get her room finished and boy did she help me out! It is so nice to have such creative family members not to mention extra special because most of her nursery was hand made by either her Nana, myself or her aunts!

Praying these next few weeks fly by and that baby girl makes her appearance when she is ready! Thank you Lord for your goodness and faithfulness!


  1. praying for you!! i totally think that the last weeks of pregnancy are the hardest!!! i know everyone has probably told you this, but rest while you can and just take it easy. she will be here so soon - hang in there!

  2. Aw, Ashley! So excited for you! Hope these next few weeks FLY by! :)