Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Weeks Pregnant!

Woo Hoo! We made it into the 30' if I could just skip over these last 10 weeks and be holding my baby girl...wouldn't that be nice?

How Far Along: 30 Weeks pregnant...7 1/2 months!

Size of baby: We haven't had an ultrasound in a few weeks to know exactly...but according to the websites, Aubrey should be about 3 pounds! They always compare the baby's growth to a vegetable and this week that chosen veggie is a cabbage!

Gender/Name: Still a girl...Aubrey Lane

Sickness/Feelings: I still am feeling really well...I started back to teaching so I am on my feet a whole lot more, which has been quite an adjustment...and it is so funny because I can be in the middle of lecturing and Aubrey will do this giant flip in my stomach and I usually unintentionally blurt out..."oh my" or "oh goodness" and then my students just stare at me like..."what the heck is she talking about?" Sometimes I swear she does flips in my reading class just to disrupt my class and throw me off topic! Ha! I can tell we are gonna have a stinker on our hands!

Appetite/Weight Gain: Things are getting really crowded in my belly so adding food just seems to complicate things. I am hungry all the time, but can only tolerate small portions at a time. My acid reflux is roaring it's ugly a terrible way.

Cravings: No real cravings. I have been enjoying granola bars and cereal bars more than usual...but other than that...nothing out of the ordinary.

Movement: Like I said before, she is doing some serious moving in my belly. She isn't just politely kicking or fluttering anymore...sweet girl is straight up doing somersaults, back flips and karate chops. She is making sure I know she is in there!

Big Daddy: Christian is continuing to do great! He is so sweet and attentive to matter how much I complain! He also cracks me up because he is so enthusiastic when I get something a new dress for Aubrey or new bows...he just oohs and ahhs over it. SO sweet!

Upcoming Events: Nothing coming up...we are just counting down the weeks at this point! Each week is one step closer to holding our baby girl!

We recently got a few new bows and hats for Aubrey...we felt it necessary to try it on is our volunteer!


  1. Can't believe you are at 30 weeks!! So exciting!! I also can't believe we don't get a baby bump pic! :) I bet you are so cute pregnant!! HUGS!

  2. What a precious little model!!!! Can't wait to see them on their intended wearer! :) hooray for 30 weeks!!!

  3. Just found your blog through BlogHer. i'm only two weeks behind you and it sounds like we're going through the same things (good & bad!). Isn't it great having a husband that ooohs and aaaahs over stuff? Mine never did and I'm loving his new found love for cute baby girl things :)

    Oh, and LOVE the name. Aubrie is on my list too!!!