Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

Alternatively titled "One of the best days of my life!"

Christian and I decided early on in my pregnancy that it would be just the two of us (and the doctors of course) in the delivery room. So we decided we wanted to make a big deal out of finding out the gender with our parents. We wanted to make it really special and have them share in that precious moment with us. We made an appointment with a local place to have a session with all 6 (7 if you count baby moots) of us to find out together the gender of baby moots! We later decided that we wanted to include the rest of our family in having a big celebration to share our great we began planning a "Gender Reveal Party". Here were the invitations we sent to our precious family and friends.

So at 3:00 we scheduled a session with myself (and baby moots), Christian, and both sets of our parents to go to the sonographer to meet our baby! It was such an amazing experience...I just knew in my heart of hearts we were having a boy. I had convinced myself based on how I had felt, my cravings, and the heartbeat that it was no doubt gonna be a boy. Deep down...I admit, I desperately wanted a girl.

On the big screen we instantly saw our precious baby for the first time (second if you count when we saw it at 7 weeks...however at that point it was a teeny tiny peanut). A real was breathtaking, to see this life that God placed in our was just amazing. The sonographer was so sweet and began to point out features and parts and then I hear her say..."Looks like we have a baby...................GIRL!" The room filled with screams of delight and I began to sob...God had totally given me the desires of my me it was a complete miracle!

We continued to see glimpses of our precious daughter on the screen and we were just filled with wonder and awe. I could have spent hours in there just watching her move around. However, we had a big party to get to and more people to share our news with!

Our party was that same evening and we decided to do dinner and a cupcake theme...instead of cutting into a cake we decided to share our fabulous news with the guests by giving them each a cupcake and when they took a bite out of it...cream filling would reveal the gender of our baby. I had a dear friend make the cupcakes for me and I just texted her after the sonogram appointment, and she quickly filled the cupcakes with filling for the party later that evening. It worked fabulously...I would totally recommend that route over the full cake because everyone could see for themselves exactly what baby moots was gonna be!

We decked the house out in pink and blue everything...keeping the gender a surpise for our siblings, grandparents, family and friends...we wanted to keep them guessing up to the point of the big reveal.

We also had everyone wear the color shirt they felt like we were having...and I must say we had a ton more blue shirts than pink. The consensus in the room was definately overwhelmingly boy!
We ate dinner and then played a quick game before passing out the cupcakes. We counted it down and then everyone took a bite....again screams of delight and gasps filled the was just so precious!

GIRRRRLLLL...everyone was so surprised and thrilled! It was an incredible that will be remembered and cherished forever. The day we were formally introduced to our precious baby girl....Thank you Father for this blessing. May we bring her up in Your will.


  1. Congratulations!!!! i was the exact same way with libbi....i just KNEW she was a boy - but was so excited to find out otherwise at our appointment. What a fun way to tell your family and I know your parents and in-laws must feel so special to be included in the big appointment. now the shopping can begin!!! congrats again - i may be a little biased, but i think little girls are the BEST! :)

  2. YAY!! I've read a couple other blog posts about a gender reveal party that were so cute & i was excited to see that you did it too! We're definitely going to do it when the time comes! It's fun to see everyone's ideas. LOVE IT! So excited it's a girl! :) :)

  3. So exciting! Congratulations! Have fun shopping for all that pink. There are so many adorable things to pick from :)

  4. ok, this is awesome!
    congratulations on your GIRL!

    and if i can convince anthony down the road that we don't need to be surprised in the delivery room, we may totally do something like this!

  5. SO fun!! Y'all did a great job planning!!

    P.S.-- Get ready, I'm gonna be requiring your services for baby announcements in the next few weeks! Less than 4 weeks til Jude!!!!