Friday, May 13, 2011

16 weeks...4 months!

Can you believe it has been 16 weeks already. I think I can now officially state my pregnancy progress in months instead of weeks. I am 4 MONTHS PREGNANT! Thank you Lord!!

Sickness/Feelings: I still have been feeling wonderful...absolutely no morning sickness or nausea. The only things that are different are that around 7:30 at night I begin to feel incredibly uncomfortable...almost in pain. The cure...go to bed. Yep. I am usually asleep by around 8:15 every night. Another think I notice is at night, my hands and feet become extremely dry. My sweet hubby has been rubbing my feet with lotion every night before I go to bed...he hates this and complains every night, but it was so sweet because the other night I went straight to bed and didn't ask for him to rub my feet, and he came in and put lotion on his hands and said "give me a foot!" Isn't that precious! I can't blame him for his reluctance...I wouldn't come near his feet with a 20 foot pole...feet are just so nasty...not mine of course.

Appetite/Weight Gain: So far the only things I am craving are Subway sandwiches and oatmeal pies. It was so sweet because at school the other day, I mentioned to my 7th graders that I had been craving oatmeal pies, and the very next day, I had two students bring me huge boxes of oatmeal pies...let's just say they will be receiving an A in my class! I am trying to eat more...however, it has been difficult because of the pain/uncomfortableness that it brings...kinda a catch 22. I know I need to be eating more for the baby...but it is so painful to eat more. I'm gonna try some smoothies to see if that helps with the pain.

Feelings/Emotions: I think my emotions are still pretty calm, cool and collective although you may have to ask Christian on that one...

Boy/Girl Feelings: I still think it's a boy. I am almost convinced that it is a boy, in fact. We find out exactly what we are having in 2 weeks and we cannot wait! We are gonna have both sets of parents in the room when we find out, then we are gonna celebrate with our siblings at a "Gender Reveal" party! What fun!

Big Daddy: Christian still continues to amaze me with his sweetness and compassion. Poor thing has been living the bachelor life lately because I don't cook and I'm in bed asleep by 8:15. He has watched more "manly" movies these last 4 months than all the years of his life! He is so good about helping me clean, do laundry and just taking care of household business...not to mention my amazing foot rubs at night!!

Upcoming Events: Friday the 27th we find out the gender!! Absolutely cannot wait! It will become so real at that point!

Thank you Lord for this precious life...may this baby be a blessing to You, Father!

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