Monday, April 4, 2011

Pregnancy- 1/4 of the way down

Well I am officially one quarter of the way finished with this pregnancy! I only have 3 more quarters to go! So here is what's been going on with baby Moots...

Morning sickness:
I have absolutely no morning sickness! All glory, praise and honor goes to the Lord because I know without a doubt He has answered my prayers for an easy first trimester. I seriously have felt nothing but normal and sometimes even better than normal. Like I said, I attribute this miracle completely to many, many, many prayers being lifted up on my behalf. NEVER....even for a second think that the Lord doesn't care about the small things in your life. I am living proof that He aims to please and He will bend over backwards to bless His loved ones.

Appetite/Weight Gain:
So far I am eating about the same. No real cravings or over-indulgent appetite. I do find myself craving more salty than sweet. Although this is pretty standard for me...I never did care for sugary sweets or fruity stuff...give me carbs anyday. At 10 weeks, I have gained about 1 pound. So not too much difference...but I know that will soon come.

I think Christian would agree that my moods have settled down and I am not as irritated and moody. I am less anxious and able to focus on day-to-day activities much better than those first few weeks.

Boy/Girl Feelings:
So far I don't have much to go on, but if I had to choose today what I thought I was having...I'd have to go with a boy. For a few reasons...1.) being that the heartbeat was 141, which I thought was a little slow, even though my doctor said that old wives tale didn't hold much water. 2.) I feel so great and no morning sickness. 3.) Craving salty over sweet. Other than those few reasons, I really have no idea what I am having! We will be thrilled either way.

Big Daddy:
Christian is doing amazingly well so far in pre-fatherhood. He has been the sweetest, most understanding and compassionate thing ever. He seriously is so easy going...making it so much easier on me! I haven't been cooking much, poor thing, but he never complains and always just finds something to eat. He is so funny because he is taking finding a name for this baby very seriously...even downloading a few apps on his phone. He is gonna make the best daddy ever!

Upcoming Events:
We go back to the doctor on the 11th to hear the heartbeat. I think the doctor scheduled this appointment just for me cause she knows how hard it is for me to wait 5 weeks in between appointments, so she broke it up for me. I go back to see her on like the 23rd for a regular check-up! I think Christian and I have already decided we are gonna pay extra to find out sooner what we are having. I think I can find out at around 17 weeks!

Again, I thank the good Lord everyday for blessing me with this precious gift. I am overwhelmed by His goodness and love.

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