Sunday, April 17, 2011

Growing Pains

Conversations at the Moots' residence has shifted mostly to one Moots. Lately all we have talked about over here is baby this and baby that...well apparently someone is having a difficult time not being the center of attention anymore...can you guess who?

Yes...Little Miss Lexie is having some behavior issues and is not being the most docile dachshund around. In fact, I'd venture to say she has been downright disobedient lately. I think she is just trying her best to get noticed around here...and by golly she sure did get our attention with this last adventure. Christian recently put in a brand new flower bed for the side of our house...spent a whole day digging up the dirt, leveling the ground, planting 2 large bushes, re-soiling the ground, and finally adding pine chips to finish off the flower bed. It was a tedious task but Christian did a might fine job! It sure was beautiful...for about a day. Christian came home from work to find that Lexie had been quite busy herself throughout the day...eating an entire bush. Seriously...she devoured a whole, beautiful, $20.00 bush. Here is the before...

And the after...

Nothing left but the butt of the bush...she ate the leaves, stems and sticks.

Here is another before and after...just so you can see her handiwork up close...

We are doing our best to make sure Lexie knows she is still loved and appreciated; however, if she is this bad BEFORE the baby even gets here...I don't even wanna know what I am gonna be dealing with once the baby arrives! Lex maybe spending a lot of time at doggie daycare!

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