Thursday, March 17, 2011

Date Night

Last week Christian and I decided it was due time for a date night. I will be the first to admit that I tend to be a homebody. I would much prefer hanging out at the house with a good meal, a movie or tv show, and sweet Lex curled up next to us. However, because I am such a giving, self-sacrificing wife...I decided to allow Christian to take me out to dinner and a movie! I will even admit I was pretty excited about our evening out on the town.

We had a gift card to TJ Ribs so that was our restaurant of choice. Upon arrival to the restaurant, Christian and I noticed there was no one else their under age 70. Apparently eating at 5:00 is not for the young...perhaps young at heart. We had a wonderful dinner out...I had red beans and rice, although there was not much sausage and some of the rice was still hard. However, Christian gobbled up his soup, ribs and brisket...poor boy has not been fed too well at home lately. Our waiter was fantastic...seriously some of the best service we have had in a while. I didn't even argue with Christian about leaving too much in tip money cause he was so dang good. It also helped that he brought me hot dinner rolls. Bread is the only way to my heart.

I tried to talk Christian into going home and just renting a movie, but he stood firm in his stance that we must venture out into the real world. So we headed to the movies. Christian cannot go to the movies without tons of candy, so we made a quick stop for candy which he then proceeded to make me stuff in my purse. I know...I know...we are terrible people...sneaking candy into the movie theatre...please don't judge us.

We went to see Unknown with Liam Nelson. I had a big red flag waved my way when we entered the theatre and there was a young couple with a baby...probably 9 or 10 months old. I have nothing against kids going to see movies. But a baby...come on people...that poor baby doesn't want to be in the dark, with blaring noises and bright lights. So much to my despair...this baby cried and screamed and yelled the WHOLE way through the movie. Seriously...I couldn't hear the words on screen half the time. I must admit this really tested my nerves. I was just so frustrated that our whole movie was ruined.

As if things couldn't get any worse...the interstate was closed on the way home so we had to backtrack through Denham Springs just to get home which normally would be a 2 minute ride home became a 30 minute ride home.

Perhaps Christian would say I wasn't the most friendly conversationalist on the way home!

So I will continue to stand firm on my belief that date nights are much better spent in the comforts of your own home! I am calling our date night...a night to be forgotten!

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