Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grandparents' Announcement

Before even becoming pregnant, Christian and I would always discuss how we wanted to share the news of a new baby with our parents. We tossed around many different fun ways of telling them and always hoped to have a huge, shock factor in our announcement. Christian especially wanted it to be a huge surprise to family, so whenever anyone asked when we planned on starting a family, he would usually tell them "Oh maybe 2 or 3 more years!" knowing good and well it wouldn't be that long! Well the moment we found out we were expecting...all those discussions and hours of planning flew right out the window. It was like we couldn't even think...we just wanted to immediately go tell everyone. Not necessarily in a crazy, unique way...we just couldn't wait to blurt it out. In fact that night we went to dinner to celebrate and this was our conversation at dinner.

Christian: I think we should wait to tell our family until you go to the doctor next week and make sure everything is okay.
Ashlee: I agree. Let's not tell anyone until next week.

No lie...this was our conversation on the way home from dinner...

Ashlee: Wanna go tell our parents right now?
Christian: Absolutely.

So we managed to come up with a story about needing to drop off a gift at my mom’s house and we actually packed the gift with 4 positive pregnancy test. So this is what happened when she opened the gift.

Untitled from Ashlee Moots on Vimeo.

It was priceless! Later on Saturday, we were busting at the seams to tell Christian's parents. We just couldn't wait. We decided that since we had captured my parents on video that we wanted to capture his on camera. So we invited Mr. Steve and Mrs. Brenda over for a casual Saturday dinner. Before leaving for dinner, Christian acted as though he wanted his dad to help him figure out a particular setting on the camera, after playing around with the new setting for a moment, Christian said "Okay...let me test this out...Mom, Dad, Ashlee, stand together and let me get a picture." So we all lined up and Christian said "Everyone say... Ashlee's Pregnant!" Well at first both of them just said it casually...not really getting what Christian just said. Here is the picture of them both casually repeating what Christian just said. Then it dawns on Mrs. Brenda what he just said...although Mr. Steve doesn't quite get it yet... Now they both get it...
Let the waterworks begin!!!

Such a precious moment! No doubt both sets of grandparents were ecstatic and overjoyed at the news. This baby is so blessed to be born into a family with such a strong foundation on both sides of our family. God has truly blessed us.

A big thanks to our parents for guiding us, teaching us and leading the way...for making us who we are today...and for being the best example of how to be amazing parents! We love you guys!!


  1. Ok, the video made me CRY!!! How cute & special! Brad & I talk all the time about how we will tell both sets of grandparents. I have some ideas, but now i know no matter how we do it, it MUST be on video! HAHA. The second idea with Christian's parents was such a great way to tell them!!! LOVE IT! & Congrats!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is just the sweetest thing! Congratulations!

  3. what sweet moments you've captured! love it :)

  4. So sweet!! i am seriously bawling! We had big plans of how to tell my parents/in-laws and everything went out the window when we were actually pregnant - i was just way too excited to keep it in!
    LOVE the videos and pictures - it will NEVER get old watching/looking at them!