Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Love Day

I have to admit this was one of the best Valentine's Day ever...I think because I stretched it out over the weekends so really we celebrated V-day for 3 days.

On Saturday my handsome hubby and I went out to eat at Ruffinos. That was were we went on our very first date! The only time they had available was at 5:00, so we were the only one's there under 65! Dinner was delicious...I downed 3 loaves of bread before my meal ever came. What can I say...I love me some bread. After dinner, we came home and watched a movie. I'm telling you...that is my kinda date night!

Here are the two loves of my life!

Sunday we just chilled and enjoyed the fabulous weather. I told myself it was not necessary to do any chores because it was Valentine's Day Weekend. So I was just plain lazy.

Then on Monday, I got to work and my precious hubby had ordered flowers, a teddy bear, and chocolates for me. I was so shocked! I have to say when it comes to special occasions, I am a tad bit confusing. I always stress to Christian that I think flowers are a waste of money. I always kill the flowers within hours of getting them, and I hate to think how much they cost. But then when special occasions come and go, without receiving any flowers from Christian, I usually whine to him, "bab-yyyy why didn't I get any flowers?" Um...hello mixed messages. Poor Christian. I think it took him two years to figure out that perhaps he should buy me flowers, however, he MUST hide any evidence of the costs of said flowers. Otherwise I freak! Man...I am beginning to see my craziness!

Anyway, it was such a special treat!

I think it's so funny that homeboy didn't just get flowers for me...he made sure to cover all his bases and be prepared with flowers, candy and stuffed animals! Ha!

Then Monday night, when Christian got home...I had something HOT and SPICY waiting for him...

Get your head out of the gutter people...

I'm talking about HOT and SPICY buffalo wings. There is only one way to my man's heart and that is through Buffalo Wings. That is true love right there...

So I have to say this Valentine's Day was a huge success! I am so thankful to have such an amazing best friend to spend my days with.


  1. Aw, sounds like a great valentine's day! :)

  2. Our date was at Ruffino's too =) That is one of our "special" places as well. I made reservations 3 weeks prior thankfully so we were able to go Sunday night at 7. That bread is AMAZING!!!