Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have you ever...take 2!

Remember this lovely post? Well...these events seem to be quite similar...not that I am admitting it actually happened.

Have you ever decided to just "run" into Target and pick up just "one" thing. and I both know that never happens. But anyway...for some unknown phenomenon, it isn't until I enter Target that I have this uncontrollable need to use the restroom. It always happens....I have to um...tinkle. For the record, Target bathrooms and I do NOT have a good relationship. I mean really...I think they hate me.

So...have you ever just quickly gone to the restroom, did your business and packed up your stuff to leave the stall? Have you ever pulled the lever to the left to unlock the stall door and found that the lock was stuck? Have you ever silently thought to yourself..."oh my gosh...I am stuck in the stall and might possibly never get out"? Have you ever used both hands and all your strength to try and pry the door open? Have you ever used your palms to try and bang the dang lever free? Have you ever started to panic and almost start crying because you feel trapped and don't know what to do?

Have you ever told yourself to breath calmly, take a seat and determine a game I call my mom and see if she has any advice for me? Do I start screaming and hope someone will come help me? Do I climb over the stall? None of my choices seemed appealing.

Have you ever then put your game face on and decided to take matters in your own hands and get yourself out of this crisis? Have you ever then gotten on all fours and snake-like crawled under the door and out to freedom? Have you ever had someone instantly walk into the restroom and stare at you on the floor like you had totally lost your marbles? Have you ever smiled and politely claimed..."this door seems to be stuck"!

Have you ever scrubbed your hands with scalding hot water...then flee from the building and drive like a maniac home to take a shower...scrubbing yourself for over 30 minutes? Have you ever decided that no matter will NEVER use a Target restroom again?

What's that you have never experienced those events?...Me either!

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  1. HAHAHA! This is hilarious! I believe I HAVE experienced this before, though! Maybe not at Target, but it does sound familiar!