Sunday, January 16, 2011

Celebrating Life

My dear sweet granny, who was 89 years old and suffered from Alzheimer's, contracted an UTI over the Christmas holidays and her health rapidly declined. Thanks to God's perfect timing, I was off for two full weeks and I got to spend countless hours by her bedside, just talking and laughing with her. It was such a blessing to have those last days to love on her.

She passed away on Monday, January 10 and we celebrated her life with a beautiful ceremony complete with friends, family and lots of reminiscing. If there is one thing I learned from my's that there is nothing that should be treasured more than family. Her whole life revolved around her family and she showered us with her love all the days of her life.

This is her and I in her last few days...memories I will forever cherish.

This is her and her hubby...together for over 70 years. They loved each other so much. Such a true example of unconditional love for another.

After such an emotional week, it felt awkward to celebrate my birthday. It felt wrong to be joyous and happy after such a traumatic loss...however, I know my granny would want us to enjoy one another and embrace the changes life tosses our way. So...I turned 26 on Friday and I must say I am not looking forward to being in my "late" twenties. Way too close to 30 for comfort.

One year, in high school, I had some friends over for a birthday dinner, and for some reason I asked my mom what three attributes did she think best described me. She drew a blank and kept saying "um..well...well..." and never could come up with something. I got so mad at her and told her I couldn't believe she couldn't even think of 3 good qualities for myself. Later the next day when I got home, she had posted like 30 different attributes on my mirror and left me a message saying "there are not enough good words to describe you." Ever since that year, she has done the same thing every's become one of my favorites traditions. So she snuck in my house Friday and left this in my bedroom. Brought me to tears. Not to mention the sweet letter from my daddy and my magazines (daddy always buys me magazines as our little thing)

Also when I got to school on Friday, I was welcomed upstairs by this...

A whole wall dedicated to me from my sweet students. I felt so loved. It was so precious. I loved reading the notes from the students.

I also got to see these two precious girls on my birthday and boy do they brighten my day. do too!

On Saturday night we went to Christian's mom and dad's house for steak dinner and dominoes! It was so fun to celebrate both Christian and my birthday together with them and boy was that dinner delicious! It is quite possible that I had to unbutton the top button on my jeans it was so good. Sorry...too much information!

Seeing this precious baby girl made our day! She is the tiniest...cutest thing ever!

And I cannot end a post without some of our precious baby...

Oh Lex...we love you too!

So here's to my granny...the glue that held our family together...even though you aren't physically with us will forever be in our hearts and our memories. Every moment spent with you is one we will treasure. Thank you for teaching me that life is meant to be spent with the ones you love and every moment of everyday is to be celebrated. I celebrate the greatness of who you were and the impact you made on my life!


  1. so sorry to hear about your granny. i hope her hubby is okay... i love that pic of them. So sweet. And happy bday to you! I love all of the pics! LOVE the tradition your mom has for you! :)

  2. how sweet.
    i lost my grandmother a couple years back.
    i miss her so much.
    she was such an inspiring woman.
    just looking at your grandmother i feel love.
    i will pray for your family, as it is hard.
    but i love how you agreed your grandmother would want you to be happy.
    your family is beautiful.
    xxo, Jazzie

  3. what a blessing that you were able to spend so much time with her! i'm so sorry to hear that she is no longer with you.

  4. I just found your blog! Adorable!

  5. O Ash, where to start on this??? It brought tears to my eyes, to see your grandpa with his beloved. I pray everyday that we all live to know that kind of love. I pray he knows peace and understanding during this time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, or belated =) the notes on your mirror were almost too much for me...I lost it again, that seems like a record....crying for TWO things completely different on your blog. That is the BEST idea I have ever heard of. What a wonderful momma you have! I hope your day was wonderful and filled with fun memories you will cherish, I had alot to say, but my goodness this was a good post =)