Thursday, December 30, 2010

Put down the stone

I've been reading an inspirational fiction book about this Christian professor who has an affair with another man. Her sin is discovered by the college and she loses everything...her job, her dignity, her reputation, her husband, her children and her faith. Everyone around her is determined to pick up a stone and hurl it at this hurting woman. Everyone wants to focus on her sin and force her to pay for it for the rest of her life.

However, God intervenes in her life and it becomes a great story of redemption and grace, but it really got me thinking and evaluating my own thoughts and actions.

Why are we so quick to place judgement on certain sins? Why do we categorize sins into "the acceptable sins" and "the oh-my-gosh-you-are-a-terrible-person-sins?" How come we think we have the right to judge people based on our own interpretation of what sin is "too bad"?

I know I am quick to judge others, when I myself am no better than the worst of the worst. In God's eyes...sin is sin. We all are sinners, so why are we so quick to be the first to pick up a stone to throw at someone else?

God reminded me of a situation that perfectly illustrates this truth. Last summer we went on a trip to the beach with a few of our best friends. We stayed in a beautiful condo that we rented for the week.

We (being the females) discussed the laundry situation and agreed that we would all throw our towels in the washer, and when it got full, we would do a wash. Great idea right? They however, did not realize that I am the worst laundry buddy in the entire world. I can ruin anything in the wash. Leave it to me to destroy your favorite shirt. Want a new color for that crisp white tablecloth...just give it to me to launder and I'll turn it bright orange.

Long story short, I didn't get the memo that it was only for white towels, and my precious self threw in a brand new, neon colored beach towel. So much to my horror, I turned the entire condo's luscious white towels, hot pink, purple and red. Yes indeed, my hubby and I were looking at having to replace about $250.00 worth of towels because of my laundry ignorance. Let's just say this put a slight damper on our beach fun.

My amazing best friend came running to my rescue and did what any girl in their right mind would do...called her grandma for help. Her grandma gave an exact recipe concoction that she felt would remedy my Tye died blunder. After hours of working with the towels, and washing and soaking and spinning and rewashing. Kayce pulled out spotless, white as a pale snowman, towels. It is entirely possible that I shed a few tears upon seeing those white towels.

But here is the truth I believe God was trying to show me. It didn't matter if that some of the towels were just spotted with pinks and purples, or if they were saturated with every color of the rainbow...nope...they all came out whiter than snow. I couldn't determine which towels had only been splotched or which ones had been saturated. The bleach concoction had covered it all, big and small and everyone of those towels was brand new!

Just like God's grace and forgiveness. His mercy isn't limited to just getting out spots or small sins. No sir. His mercy and grace is sufficient for the completely covered in, rolled around, and plastered-with-color sins as well.

So I need to get off my high horse and realize that we are all in that washing machine together, we all are tainted and stained. But thank the good Lord, that we have the opportunity to be made new. I believe the Lord wants us to reach out to those covered in sin and encourage and strengthen those who have been caught up in the "big sins". We need to love those who are hurting and quit being so quick to judge. We are not better than anyone else, we all, at some point mess up royally. So why not be a help to the hurting...a support for the lost and weary...a light for those who are blinded by the darkness.

Lord, help me to be quick to love and slow to judge. Help me be a support for those wallowing in destruction...not a person who is quick to throw a stone and cast judgement.

Now excuse me while I go see if I can remove a pen stain from my new sweater!


  1. ASH!! What a WONDERFUL way to end my last day of work for the year! This was a perfect never seem to run out of them =) I hope you and your precious hubby have a super New year, I can't wait to see what God has in store for our families in 2011!

  2. This is an awesome post!! LOVE IT!

  3. awesome post. great reminder, and what a story!