Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cry me a river...

I work in Marketing and Advertising, so I constantly find myself analyzing magazine ads, commercials, and billboards. In fact, I might even go as far as to say, it is a possibility that I have found myself becoming a danger to other motor vehicles because of my infatuation with studying billboards. I'm just saying there is a slight chance I have found myself swerving to get a better glimpse at an impressive billboard. Maybe that was me getting honked at and given the middle finger from a fellow road traveler. I'm not saying it's true...but it's possible.

Anyway, the other day I passed a billboard that just infuriated me. Seriously...I was so mad at this particular message being displayed.

It simply said, "Beer...Because you never got a pony."

Seriously? Cry me a river. Let's just justify doing wrong because you didn't get everything you wanted in life. You poor baby...

I mean, what kind of message are we sending to people? You never got that Easy Bake Oven you wanted as a kid, I'm so sorry...why don't you have a little pity party and engage in something destructive.

What was that? You never got that red scooter you poor, poor child, here...come drink away your sorrows.

I mean really, why are we so set on allowing disappointments in life to give us the right to spend our adulthood doing unproductive, harmful things?

It's no wonder our society has such a "poor me" attitude. Society is telling us we deserve everything we want...when we want it...and if you don't get are deprived and deserve to throw yourself a pity party.

It's why our country is so in debt, it's why people think they deserve all their wants immediately and why we have no drive or determination to work hard.

Isn't that such a shame? Make no mistake, I am guilty of that "I deserve it" attitude occasionally and I have a lot of selfish desires that I am learning to deal with, but it makes me so sad to see such blatant lies being broadcasted in front of our faces.

As the holiday season approaches, it is my goal to sit back and realize that things don't make me happy. In life, we will never have everything we want, but doggone it, we are a blessed people. Praise the Lord for all He does for us even amongst our selfish ways.

Okay...I'm getting down off my high horse!


  1. I had these same exact thoughts when I saw that stupid thing....UGH!

  2. I saw that billboard the other day and was infurriated as well.....of course it probably has something to do with the billboard that my sister's face is on because she was killed by a drunk driver.....
    But I hate the "poor me" mentality too