Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet, Smart, Sassy and Six!

So, life has been crazy busy thing after the next seems to fall on our plates. We never seem to have a day with nothing to do!

I am behind on my blogging, so I thought I'd take this lazy Sunday afternoon to catch up on life's happenings. My sweet, smart and sassy niece turned 6 this month! She is in first grade and just an amazing little girl. She had her birthday party and boy was it a fun day! Complete with swimming, cake and lots of love from her family and friends.
Speaking of adorable nieces, this tiny thing decided to join the party in her best sunflower outfit. I can't say I've ever seen it pulled off so cutely! She is just the tiniest little thing. So little...and petite. I just love her to pieces.
This was Emorie the other day at our garage sale. Don't you just want to eat her up with a tiny spoon? I know I do...I can't get enough of her cuteness!
Here she is telling me with her eyes that enough is enough...she was done with her photo op!
Anyway...focus...I could post pictures of her all day...but back to the party. It was great to see our precious baby out enjoying herself in the pool.

Apparently Lex never got the memo that it is inappropriate to be caught making out in the swimming pool!

Happy Birthday sweet Angelle! We love you!

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