Monday, September 27, 2010

Does that make me crazy?

  • I look forward to cleaning my ears out with a Q-Tip...does that make me crazy?

  • I have eaten Bagel Bites, Cheese Nips and Popsicles for dinner for about 3 months now, and I never get tired of it...does that make me crazy?

  • My husband and I sleep with our heads at different ends of the bed, and we both prefer it this way...does that make us crazy?

  • Sometimes, when pulling into the garage and I see my husband's golf bag, full of golf clubs, I find myself smiling as I picture hitting them with my car and running over them...does that make me crazy?

  • I refuse to touch uncooked meat, I'll use a variety of forks, knives and spatulas to maneuver the germ invested meat from one pan to another...does that make me crazy?

  • When I tell my pup to sit, she does...but she pees as well...does that make her crazy?

  • I tiptoe to the mailbox...and I have no idea why...does that make me crazy?

  • After watching UFC with my hubby, I feel the urgent need to hit, slap and punch him...does that make me crazy?

  • If someone sits or touches the bed after I just made it...I freak will either get violent or start crying...does that make me crazy?

  • When I walk near a classroom of little kids, I instinctively hold my breath...hoping to avoid germs...does that make me crazy?

I think I may need to change my blog title from "Blessed Chick" to "Messed up Chick" Ha!!!


  1. You are so funny! None of this makes you crazy... although i do think it's weird y'all sleep w/ your heads on opposite ends of the bed! LOL. And yeah... i do touched uncooked meat if i have to... but i'm gagging the whole time!

  2. eh...i think we could all make similar lists. no worries! i'm crazy like you on a few of these!

  3. ps: i use gloves when handling meat in the kitchen. like surgical gloves. still feels gross through them, but it's not as germy. although i still wash my hands like crazy when i'm done :)

  4. i LOVEOVEOEOEOVVVVVEEEELLLLLLOOOVVVEEEE to clean my ears too =) ashlie/ee's are great people.....