Monday, September 27, 2010

Does that make me crazy?

  • I look forward to cleaning my ears out with a Q-Tip...does that make me crazy?

  • I have eaten Bagel Bites, Cheese Nips and Popsicles for dinner for about 3 months now, and I never get tired of it...does that make me crazy?

  • My husband and I sleep with our heads at different ends of the bed, and we both prefer it this way...does that make us crazy?

  • Sometimes, when pulling into the garage and I see my husband's golf bag, full of golf clubs, I find myself smiling as I picture hitting them with my car and running over them...does that make me crazy?

  • I refuse to touch uncooked meat, I'll use a variety of forks, knives and spatulas to maneuver the germ invested meat from one pan to another...does that make me crazy?

  • When I tell my pup to sit, she does...but she pees as well...does that make her crazy?

  • I tiptoe to the mailbox...and I have no idea why...does that make me crazy?

  • After watching UFC with my hubby, I feel the urgent need to hit, slap and punch him...does that make me crazy?

  • If someone sits or touches the bed after I just made it...I freak will either get violent or start crying...does that make me crazy?

  • When I walk near a classroom of little kids, I instinctively hold my breath...hoping to avoid germs...does that make me crazy?

I think I may need to change my blog title from "Blessed Chick" to "Messed up Chick" Ha!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Invites Galore!

I have been so blessed to have had so much business lately! I can barely keep up! I so enjoy getting to do birth announcements, birthday parties and showers. They are so fun and really get my creative juices going! Here are a few from the last few months!

**PS-Names, addresses, and pictures have been changed to protect the innocent!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lexie: A Retrospective

I vividly remember the day we picked out little Lexie. Christian had his eye on another pup that was a bit more hyper, but my mama-heart told me Lexie was the one that needed to become the next Moots family member.
This little cutie came to us about a week before Christmas and boy was she a handful. Poor thing had some sort of stomach issues and was having major bowel movements... like 15 times a day. (Sorry if that was too much information). She lost a little weight and really she only weighed about 2 pounds. We got our sick little baby on some tummy medicine and our little angel slept for a few days straight. She was so precious...
She is just like me...she loves to cuddle up in soft, warm blankets and just conk out. I can tell she is my child.

Before long, our sleeping beauty was up and into everything. If it was on the floor and she could reach it, she would chew it!

Our little pup continued to grow and thrive and soon became a full fledged diva. Demanding our full attention and claiming anything and everything as hers. Our Lex is now fully grown and weighs about 10 pounds. She is about 10 times longer than she is tall...a true weenie dog. She absolutely adores Christian. I think she likes him so much because he lets her slop all over his face...and I draw the line at puppy kisses. Her breath is no bed of roses. Christian informed me that we will be throwing Lex a 1st Birthday party...complete with hot dogs and games... I think it is time we start talking about having children!