Sunday, July 11, 2010

YeeHaw! Tennessee Fun!

This week our family took a vacation up to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The beauty of the mountains, the laughter and fellowship of family and the much needed relaxation made this a trip to remember! Take a look at the beauty the Lord has created. He is so imaginative and creative.
However, I am not so fond of His more "dangerous creations" like the ever present threat of bears...somehow these signs just unnerved me. I mean, the words "aggressive" and "inflicting serious death and injury" just don't really sit well with me. I giggle everytime I see these signs cause at the bottom it says "garbage killls bears", they are warning me about these vicious, deadly creatures and then in the same sentence they want me to care about the well-being of these bears...I don't think so.
My "wild at heart" hubby refuses to take a normal picture. I end up with a camera full of these poses... or ones like this...or even this...I swear, he can't just look at the camera and smile. On Tuesday night we went to see a show that featured Chinese acrobats and it was awesome! I was very impressed. Here I am posing with some of the cast. Nice outfits, guys.On another note, we enjoyed having our neices and nephew with us on the trip. They kept us laughing. However, I hope this next image is not an indication of the things to come for us when we have our own children...On Thursday, we went horseback riding down in the mountains. I can honestly say I will never become a rancher or farmer. Never have I been so up close and personal with so much bodily fluids that come spewing out. I swear, these horses have no shame whatsoever.

Christian's horse was named Freebird. Couldn't have picked a better horse for him...I laugh because that name fits him perfectly! Free as a bird.
The shows, the white water rafting, the family dinners, the hiking, the swimming, the horseback riding, the was all perfect.
I give Tennessee a ten! Ha!
Stay tuned for more on our whitewater rafting trip!


  1. fun! i'm actually intrigued by the bears and have told anthony several times that i want to head east to see them sometime soon!

    (and anthony is the same way about pictures. for every cute one i have of the 2 of us are at least 5 with him making a face, giving me bunny ears, or doing something like picking a bear's nose)

  2. i love tennessee & I LOVE white water rafting! I've been twice on the Ocoee River. Is that where y'all went? AMAZING!!! :)

    Sounds like an awesome trip! That pic of your hubby with the baby cracked me up! LOL.