Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monsters among us

The morning began just like any other morning. I rose from my slumber and proceeded to get myself dressed and ready for the day! After feeding Lex, I went back to the bedroom to pick up my clothes and low and behold...staring back at me with the utmost creepiness was a huge, nasty, thick spider. For some reason, the thicker they are...the more they freak me out. Skinny ones don't intimidate me as much. Anyway, this bad boy was huge and mean. I froze. I freaked.

I grabbed my phone and texted my hubby to get home immediately and kill this monster. After that plea for help, I pulled up my bootstraps and decided it was up to me to destroy this enemy. So I frantically searched for something to throw on top of it. All I could find was a large children's book. Doesn't seem so ferocious when all you can find is a sweet book titled, "Puppy Playtime".

After finding my weapon, I returned to the spot where I found the spider and to my was gone. Yep...gone like the wind.

So I grab some towels, shut the door, and stuff the towels under the doorway until my hubby gets home. He returns from working out and calmly states to me "baby, spiders can't hurt you."

Um hello...has he seen Arachnophobia? Um...spiders are not your friend. Spiders are the enemy.
We never found the monstrous beast, but we did invest in an $80.00 potion that will destroy all creatures within like 100 ft. of our house. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but I would like to think it would be that effective.

So I would like to leave you, my fellow spider haters, with these interesting facts on spiders. Not because I want you to be more educated about spiders, but because I hope you will join me in my disgust for all things creepy.

1.)Spiders can sustain hundreds of atmospheres of pressure, and can work flawlessly in a vacuum. Scientists have discovered spiders working at both the bottom of the sea and in the ultra-thin atmosphere thirty miles above the Earth. (Isn't this just comforting to know...they are virtually indestructible)

2.)Most household spiders come from the fact that most people don't properly wash their new clothing after purchase. 90% of clothing purchased at retail stores contain spider eggs laid during shipment.

3.)Webs get dirty and torn, so lots of spiders make a new one every day. They don't waste the old one, though--they roll it up into a ball and eat it!
(Oh please...don't make them sound resourceful)

4.)Female spiders sometimes eat their mates, even while they are mating.

5.)A spider eats about 2,000 insects a year, so spiders are good to have around the home. (um no...I don't care if they burp gold...I do NOT think they are good to have around. Please.)


  1. OMG...I knew about #4 but that seriously disgusts me!

    & #2 - thanks for posting this... i don't remember if i wash all my clothes when i purchase them. Haven't seen any spiders lately but i will be sure to obey this little rule!

    Fact - i am more creeped out by the spider WEBS than the actual SPIDERS!! EW!

  2. ugggggghhhhh
    (i didn't need to know all of that to join you in your disgust...but you can BET i'll be washing ALL my new clothes now!)

    by the way this was my facebook status a few weeks ago:

    Lora B has just fought an epic battle with the biggest spider she has ever seen in a residence...she certainly wishes it hadn't been so close to where she sleeps! (and she is happy to report that the adorable shoe she used to finally finish the deed seems relatively unscathed).