Monday, May 10, 2010

Picture Overload

Before we got married, Christian and I took pictures as a couple all the time. Fast forward 8 months and nothing...we take pictures of our nieces and nephew and the pup. So before we went out to eat the other night, we decided to set up the camera and take a few poses of ourselves. Aren't we silly?!!! Take a gander at that face Christian is making on the last picture! Apparently that is his "I could be a model" face!!And here is my precious, tiny new niece! Emorie Jayne is just pure beautifulness (yes, I did make up that word but it's all good)
And did you really think you would get through this post without a picture of this cutiepie? She is so funny...she is losing her teeth, so she is eating everything...worms, bugs, trash, sticks, bark, you name it...Lex has eaten it! Let's just say her breath hasn't been real pleasing to the senses.These bones will last her about 1.8 seconds. And last but not friend took this photo of our local Burger King drive through and I thought it deserved some attention. For those of you with suffering eyes...I'll just type exactly what is written on that note. Attention Customers:
We are out of the following items apple pies, tomatoes,
stacker sauce, tarter sauce, and lettuce. We are sorry
for the inconvience.

Thank you,

First off...shouldn't a food joint...I don't know...have food on hand? But don't worry...we are in good hands with the managerment...I know they will have the food here soon. That little inconvience will be solved quickly. LOL!!


  1. HAHA! Signs like that KILL ME!

    LOVE the pics of you & your hubby!!!

    Love your dog! :)

  2. That's nothing! Once I went thru BK, ordered a Whopper, and they proceeded to tell me that they were all out of hamburger buns! WHAT??? Um, ok then...nevermind!