Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you ever entered Target, armed and ready to grocery shop, only to discover that you must...tinkle? Have you ever gone into the restroom, done what you had to do, and then decided it would be best to use your foot to flush rather than dirty up your hands? Have you ever watched in horror as your flip flop tumbles in slow motion off your foot and into the toilet bowl? Have you ever silently issued up a prayer of thanksgiving, thankful that your flip flop was not flushed all the way down? Side note: Can you image how that conversation would go with customer service... "um, hi sir, could you please call someone to come assist me, your toilet swallowed my flip flop and I really need it back in order to continue shopping."

Have you ever closed your eyes and just reached in to grab the dang flip flop and then proceed to hop on one foot out of the stall? Have you ever spent five minutes scrubbing your shoe in the sink while maintaining your balance on one foot? Have you ever wished you could just shoot yourself for being so dog-gone clumsy? Have you then realized there were no paper towels in the restroom so you must dry the flip flop by using the blow dryer? Have you ever politely smiled at the sweet old lady who insists on staring you down like you just committed a crime?

Have you ever then gathered what is left of your dignity and proceeded to leave the restroom (a mere 15 minutes later) with your head held high and continue your mission of shopping? never have experienced these events? either.

Monday, March 1, 2010

6 months ago...

Today makes six months of me being a Mrs. Moots! I was laying in bed the other night, thinking of my wedding day. It seems so sad to me that those special memories are already beginning to fade. I began to go through that day in my head and I found myself giggling with joy at the remembrance of that wonderful day. God is such an amazing gift giver. I truly believe marriage is the best gift ever.

I remember waking up that special Saturday and crying because I was so overwhelmed with excitement and anxiousness.

I remember totally stressing out about these dang pretzel rods that I made as favors and freaking out because I wanted to make sure there were no condensation on the wrappers!!! Oh my goodness...I was a complete nut that day.

I remember my two besties coming over to go with me to get my hair did! We stopped on the way to get Cane's and I remember Kayce excitedly hollering at the drive through lady, "She's getting married today!!"

I remember worrying that my hair lady was making my hair too poofy! I remember thinking "I am not sure if Christian is gonna like all this..."Poof"

I remember the ride from the salon to the plantation. I remember feeling so silly at traffic lights when people would glance over and see this girl with huge, beautiful hair and a veil. I just politely waved as if this was the norm for me.

I remember feeling much relief after safely arriving at the wedding hall with my hair intact and the pretzel rods safely on the table!

I remember my precious, four year old niece Angelle, being one of the first wedding-party-girls to arrive and her just taking my breath away. She had her hair all pretty and her soft makeup on, and she just melted my heart. I remember seeing Angelle and realizing, through her sweet innocence, the beauty of what was about to take place.

I remember peeking out the blinds in the dressing room to steal a glance at my future hubby. I remember feeling guilty for seeing him, yet I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

I remember whispering to myself at the window..."I've waited my whole life for you, Christian Lane."

I remember my friends, mothers, nieces and sisters all joining hands to pray for our marriage.

I remember Adlee Shay asking me, "when are we gonna dance?"

I remember feeling nauseous as I walked down the isle where my hubby waited...but not caring because I was so excited. (no one else was around, this was about an hour before the wedding, and it was just me and special)

And lastly...though there were many more special memories of that night, I remember falling asleep in my new hubby's arms and thinking to myself, "that was the most wonderful day of my life."

I hope I never forget all the precious moments of that special day.