Saturday, February 27, 2010

When tragedy brings us to reality

I have to be honest, death is not something that I am familiar with...all my grandparents are still living, and I have not had to say goodbye to any close friends or family members. I am not naive to think that I won't experience those heartaches soon enough, but for the time being these things are kinda foreign to me.

Our town was just shocked by the tragic death of a teenager who was recovering from a horrible accident, but making steady progress towards complete healing. Her sudden death has really rocked our entire community.

Death is a hard thing to deal with, yet it is amplified so much more when it is someone so young. Someone who had their whole life ahead of them. It is so tragic. My heart breaks for their precious family. I know from first hand experience how sweet, tight-knit, and loving this amazing family is.

Sudden, unexpected death causes each of us to re-evaluate our lives. It causes us to come face to face with the reality that life is just a breeze, here one moment and gone the next. It makes us realize the value of relationships and family. It causes us to get a glimpse of what is really important in life.

I know God is using this horrible situation to bring others to the truth. We don't understand His ways, but thankfully, He is a good God and everything He does is for a purpose. Perhaps we don't always agree or understand, but ultimately He is in control.

So if nothing else, remember that life is a gift, a gift that is here for but a moment. Take each day and invest it in the ones you love...cherish each relationship, savor each friendship and embrace each moment.


  1. Thanks for the reminder.. We all forget at times.

  2. My prayer in all of this is that God would draw people to himself. Kelsey's life-- AND death-- have a very real purpose. Like you said, we are all really struggling to see that right now, but HE IS GOOD and His mercy endures. School is gonna be rough for a few days/weeks/etc. as we help the kids process/grieve but God is in control.

  3. Hi. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I've been thinking alot about this exact thing today. It's the two year anniversary of my friend's death. He committed suicide and his death is a reminder to me to live every day to the fullest, and cherish all my relationships.

  4. Great post & really cute blog! Found you through Kelly's Korner...look forward to reading more :)

  5. Hey girl, found your blog through Kelly's Korner! I LOVE it! So cute and your snow day looks like such a blast! Looking forward to being in touch! xoe

  6. Sweet blog! So cute!!

    I'm your new follower!

    Sarah Ann