Saturday, February 27, 2010

When tragedy brings us to reality

I have to be honest, death is not something that I am familiar with...all my grandparents are still living, and I have not had to say goodbye to any close friends or family members. I am not naive to think that I won't experience those heartaches soon enough, but for the time being these things are kinda foreign to me.

Our town was just shocked by the tragic death of a teenager who was recovering from a horrible accident, but making steady progress towards complete healing. Her sudden death has really rocked our entire community.

Death is a hard thing to deal with, yet it is amplified so much more when it is someone so young. Someone who had their whole life ahead of them. It is so tragic. My heart breaks for their precious family. I know from first hand experience how sweet, tight-knit, and loving this amazing family is.

Sudden, unexpected death causes each of us to re-evaluate our lives. It causes us to come face to face with the reality that life is just a breeze, here one moment and gone the next. It makes us realize the value of relationships and family. It causes us to get a glimpse of what is really important in life.

I know God is using this horrible situation to bring others to the truth. We don't understand His ways, but thankfully, He is a good God and everything He does is for a purpose. Perhaps we don't always agree or understand, but ultimately He is in control.

So if nothing else, remember that life is a gift, a gift that is here for but a moment. Take each day and invest it in the ones you love...cherish each relationship, savor each friendship and embrace each moment.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stylin' Snow Day

Remember...when going out to enjoy the snow, be sure to accessorize with your leopard jacket because really...aren't events more fun when you know you look cute?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not me Monday!

Whew! It's been way too long since I've done a Not Me Monday here we go!

Are you feeling guilty for spending the entire day in your pajamas? Hope no one saw you when you ran in the grocery store without a bra on? Overcome with embarrassment when realized you had two different shoes on? Well don’t be! Not Me Monday is designed to get those imperfections off your chest and reveal a few moments you’d rather forget. It is oh so refreshing!

It was totally not me who was adamantly against getting a Wii for the house because really…isn’t one gaming system enough? It wasn’t me who finally gave in and bought one for Hubby for Christmas. And most importantly, don’t believe for a second that it is me who has raw, peeling thumbs because of my new found passion for the Wii. Nope, it isn’t me who begs Christian to get out of the way and let me have a turn. No sir…I refuse to be sucked into those silly games and I definitely don’t waste hours at a time playing when I should be cleaning or cooking!

It isn’t me who pretends to be asleep in the mornings when Lexie starts to whimper and needs to be taken outside, no way do I go temporarily deaf in the mornings between the hours of 6-8 am. I would never practice my acting skills, forcing hubby to finally give in and get up to take her outside. Nope…not me.

And last but not least, I did not think it was hilarious and pretty smart when Adlee told me that it would be okay to wear her tiger face to church because Jesus loves animals too! I did not stop for a minute and try to come up with a legitimate reason why she would have to wash her face, only to declare “you’ll just have to talk to your mommy about that one.” Nope…I am much more firm when it comes to dealing with three year olds.
And just because she is so freaking cute…Here’s Lexie

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My friend over at Kelly’s Korner is sharing her favorite simple pleasures in life, and I thought I’d join her!

My top 10 simple pleasures in life

1.) Holding hands with someone you love
2.) The first sip of a beverage when you’re thirsty
3.) Sleeping in on a rainy day
4.) The feeling you get when you scratch off the last item on your to-do-list
5.) Fresh, clean bed sheets (even better when someone else did the laundry)
6.) Relaxing outdoors on a sunny day
7.) Hearing the right song at the right moment
8.) Fresh, hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookies
9.) When your dog tinkles on the floor cause she is so excited to see you
10.) Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep

Because truthfully… it's the little moments that make life big.