Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just when I think...

Just when I think I am making progress in teaching my hubby to be romantic and charming...
He pulls me close, embracing me gently in his arms...and burps in my ear.

Just when I think my hubby is learning good grocery shopping skills...
He calls me at work and tells me he is going to Wal-mart to get soup and milk and wanted to know if I needed anything. Later, I received a call from him and he was so giddy because he couldn't believe what all he had bought at Wal-mart for only $11.00. "Baby, I got relish, eggs, a Christmas wreath, a bow and tuna for only 11.00, isn't that awesome?" To which I reply "that is great babe, but what about the milk and soap?" On the other end of the phone I hear "aw crap."

Just when I think my hubby really knows me, that he really is learning all there is to know about his new, wonderful wife...
He out of the blue says to me, "hey babe, I didn't know you used a blow dryer" I stop what I am doing to make sure I heard him correctly. Was my husband, the man who gets ready with me in the mornings, in the same cotton picking bathroom, really asking me if I used a blow dryer. Let me just pause to inform you that I blow dry my hair every stinking day. Same routine. Wash. Blow dry. Straighten. Never fails. I reply calmly, "what do you mean sweetie?" He says, "I just never knew you blow dried your hair." Has this man been living in the same house with me these last 3 months? Being the calm, cool wife that I am, I just replied gently, "yes baby, I use a blow dryer." His response... "huh, I didn't know that".

Just when I think my precious spouse is reducing his stubborn streak...
While shopping for a gift for Christmas, Christian goes to Academy Sports. He finds the gift that he is looking for and proceeds to find the price. Without any luck in finding the price, instead of doing what you would think would be the correct response in finding a salesman, or even bringing the product up to the register for a price hubs decides he will exit the store, get in his car and drive 30 minutes across town to another sporting store, and purchase the same exact gift over there. His response..."I shouldn't have to search for a price tag, I sure showed them, didn't I baby?" Oh yes love, you sure showed them who was the boss.

Just when I think this boy is driving me crazy...
He flashes that beautiful smile at me, my heart melts, and I realize that I have the most amazing, sweet, precious husband in the world and I couldn't love him anymore than I already do.


  1. THIS IS HILARIOUS. And sweet. :) OMG, i laughed out loud!

  2. Sweet post.

    I was cracking up about the hair dryer... and the other ones too.

  3. i LOVED this post!!!!! Wonderful read to start my day!!!! And yes Funderburk coordinates weddings, my mom and I thought about her the other day b/c we need a coordinator! She is SOO excited and I am too, since I know her!!! YAY!

  4. yeah, so. i gave you an award again. go see!!