Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rice Crispies and Chocolate Milk

Saturday we had the privilege of having family and friends over to watch the LSU/Alabama game (I think we played Alabama, though now I am questioning myself...shows you how much of the game I watched!) Anyway, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed some of Christian's delicious gumbo! After the game, we watched our niece and nephew for a few hours while their mom and dad went to eat. Whew...can I just say they are the cutest things ever! So sweet and well behaved. Not to mention little charmers. I don't think the words "no" ever came out of my mouth. As you can see here, I gave Angelle Rice Crispy Treat Cereal and chocolate milk for dinner. I am sure her mom would not consider that a healthy and balanced meal, however that is what she wanted and she just batted those beautiful eyes and bam...there it is on the counter! Plus, it was an added bonus when she was blowing huge bubbles in her chocolate milk and when I didn't give her the expected lecture she sweetly proclaimed..."you are gonna make a great mommy someday."

Well...after wiping the tears from my eyes I proceeded to ask her if she wanted a pony or a new car!

I am so in love with my new family. It is such a blessing to have an incredible extended family on both sides. We are so blessed.

Oh and by the kiddos for us for like 5 more years. Just in case you were wondering if all this babysitting made me have baby fever...nope.


  1. HAHA - we are the same way! & i'm sure you're asked that all the time. FYI- you can't even so much as COUGH or people will say "you may be pregnant" - (seriously, they said this to me when i had bronchitis...i was like "i have BRONCHITIS. that is NOT a pregnancy symptom" LOL. Anyway, i am totally loving time with JUST brad...& will wait another 2 years or so for the kiddos! Anyway, those are some cute kids:)

  2. i have an award for you over on my blog! :)

  3. I found you from Melissa at Little Mrs. Married, and I am so glad I did. I really enjoy what I read on your blog. Congrats on the career change!

    You are fortunate to have amazing extended family. My husband's side of the family is kind of messed up so we spend more time with my side of the family. I remember growing up I always dreamed of having an amazingly big family once I got married... that hasn't seemed to happen yet.

  4. Hello! I jumped over from Melissa's blog. :) This post had me cracking up... "she just batted those beautiful eyes and bam...there it is on the counter!" I wish dinner could work like that EVERY NIGHT! If it did I wouldn't care what my kids wanted to eat... they could have cookies every night... as long as it just appeared and I didn't have to do any cooking!