Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My dreams have come true...

I don't know if I have ever mentioned my brother on my blog, but let me pause for a moment and mention the amazing brother that I have. Even as children, Brandon and I had a special relationship, sure we fought and argued, but he loved me like crazy. He was extremely protective of me and always wanted the best for his little sister.

While I was in college, Brandon start a real estate company and asked me to come work for him as an office assistant. I eagerly accepted, excited to get to work with my brother! After a few months at the real estate office, I began toying with flyers and brochures for the company. From there things just kinda took off. I began to be given more responsibility regarding advertising and marketing, getting to design websites, brochures and even billboards.

That Christmas, as a gift, my brother presented me with the best gift ever...he gave me my business. He was so confident in me and my abilities that he purchased an LLC for me, named my business and set me up with a real company...I mean, I even have a tax ID number! My new business was formed...

Image Advertising, LLC was formed in December of 2007. I immediately began to see great outcomes in my business and really enjoyed doing it as a side job for extra income.

I was never able to work on my designs full time because I was single and supporting myself alone, so I needed a consistent, weekly paycheck, something that self-employed people don't always have the luxury of having.

After meeting and falling in love with the man of my dreams, it never really occurred to me that doing my graphic design full time would be an option. However, with Christan working weird hours at the ER, it was vital for our marriage that we do something different. So after much prayer, we decided that I would stay home and pursue my business full time...and let me tell you, God is faithful. He has blessed my business beyond measure and continues to amaze us with his abundance of opportunities.

Just last week, I launched a new portfolio website so that others can get a more visual idea of some of the things I do.

So...really long story short, I wanted to share it with many of you who have asked what sort of work I do. Feel free to check me out at

God is faithful and I can see now, looking back, how each step...each person played a role in getting me where I am today. I am so fact I am one stinking blessed chick!


  1. Isn't so wonderful to go back and connect all of the pieces God had been weaving together to make something happen. Such a beautiful story. I am so happy for you.

  2. I don't even know you and I think that that is super exciting! I checked out your website and you do really nice work! (Sound like you have a pretty awesome big brother!!)

  3. Oh, Ashlee, i'm so excited for you!!! Your website looks outstanding & everything in your portfolio is awesome! I have seen most of that around & had no idea you were the designer!! I am so glad you're able to do this now! =)
    P.S. Ashlee Moots at the bottom of the page looks nice:) Has a nice ring to it! heehee!
    P.P.S. What kind of work does your hubby do in the ER?

  4. This is a wonderful and inspiring testimony, thank you for sharing it with us. I hope others will feel motivated to go after their dreams like you have!

  5. Hubby & I were talking the other day about whenever he (FINALLY) starts his business, wouldn't he need a website. Or should he do a website before he even does the business, just to get started? He wants to eventually start a music productions business. anyway, how do you even get your own website? Is it expensive? Anyway, i told him that i knew who could be his logo designer & showed him your website!! He was impressed! :) I'm quite sure we'll be one of your customers in the future! :)