Friday, November 6, 2009

Men are not like Women

Forgive me as I have been crazy busy lately getting my business up and running! I have been working like a mad woman just trying to get situated! What a blessing it is to be able to work from home, although sometimes I look up and it's 2:30 in the afternoon and I haven't even brushed my teeth!!!! Um...yes, I am working on improving my time management skills to incorporate dental hygiene!

Married life is absolutely wonderful. I told my mom the other day that I have never been happier! We are settling in nicely and working through the minor bumps along the way. I will tell you are totally different than women.

I know...major discovery, but really we are like two different creatures. Let me give you a few examples...

1.) Food- I am amazed at the amount of food these creatures, I mean, men can consume. I swear, I used to be able to keep my monthly grocery bill at like $100.00 a month, and now it is like $400.00 a month. Now, if I am doing my math correctly, we quadrupled the amount of food coming in, but only added one person.

2.) Carefreeness- (yes I think I just made that word up) my hubby seems to get more hyper the later in the evening it gets. I mean it's like the moment it gets dark, his inner child comes roaring out. He wants to wrestle, jump on furniture, and just do random crazy things! I swear, it's so funny because I am ready for bed but I feel like my child, I mean, hubby is outta control!

3.) Sports- My dad was never really obsessive about sports. I mean, he liked them, he just didn't get engrossed in them. So my any-sport-takes-his-undivded-attention-husband came somewhat as a shock to me. I guess I never realized the magnitude or grave importance of sports. I can guarantee that when a football game is on, no matter what I do, I will not be noticed. I can move furniture, bang on pots and pans, or start a fire... and I will not be noticed.'s like he inserts himself in a glass bubble and for those few on the outside doesn't exsist.

Now let me be the first to say that each of these discoveries... has made me a better person. Let me explain...

1.) Food- I am learning to eat more varieties of food and I am learning that the world does not only offer turkey sandwiches. I give Mr. Moots credit for expanding my views on food and teaching me that "new" isn't always a bad thing. Christian is tenderly encouraging me to try new things and branch out when it comes to food. Although I do draw the line (alot) ...fried alligator?? um no thank you.

2.) Carefreeness- who says reverting to your inner child is a bad thing? Sometimes it is fun to throw off your shoes and just enjoy the moment. It's okay to run in the rain or jump on the bed. Oh by the way, that was totally not me who was begging Christian to play Hide and Go Seek in the Dark the other night!

3.) Sports- all I can say about this is... I am learning to tolerate the madness.


  1. HAHAHA - ohhhh, i love it, Ashlee!! & i soooo understand! Glad you're enjoying married life, though! And even though you're busy w/ your new business, come back 'round here more often! :)

  2. Sounds like my house. All the things we learn when we get married. I stand amazed sometimes :o)

  3. Too funny! I'm with you on all accounts :)

  4. Horray for you! sounds like life at the Moots household can be interesting! I am so happy that he makes you so happy! That is wonderful Ash! And what exactly are you doing as far as your job from home? Just curious

  5. I had to laugh over some of these comments. I've been married for awhile now but something never change!

  6. Congratulations on your marriage! I married a lifelong football fan, and it's amazing how much I've really come to love football as well!