Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not Mom Monday

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite person ever…my lovely mother, Kim Craft. Ole Kim is one-of-a-kind and I promise you will never meet anyone like her even if you searched the world over.
I decided since I have been the source of so many “Not me Mondays”, that I should step aside and allow my precious mother the spotlight…and let me tell you, I had absolutely no problems coming up with a few good “Not me’s” for her.

If you haven’t met my mother, you are missing out…she looks just like me and could actually pass for my sister. My mother is the sweetest, kindest, most giving person I know…she is also the most forgetful, crazy, sometimes absent-minded person I know as well. Allow me to give you a few examples…Hold onto your seat cause this is Not me Monday…mom style.

While at a friend’s house, who happened to have a young baby, my mother did not loudly proclaim, “How are you enjoying your new Bimbo, My son has a bimbo too, and he loves it” The sweet couple did not turn red in the face until finally realizing my mother was referring to their baby’s Bumbo chair. Nope, she would never confuse the names of a child’s chair and a promiscuous woman.

On the day of my wedding, my dear mother most certainly did not stop at an elderly lady’s home to visit, for just a moment, get out of the car and begin walking towards her front door. She did not turn around in horror and realize that she had somehow forgot to not only turn the car off, but she forgot to put the dang thing in park. Nope…please don’t picture my mother chasing after the vacant car in hopes of stopping it before it hit a tree, person or house. Bless her heart, she did not have a sore arm for like 3 weeks from diving into her moving car. Can you image if we had to cancel my wedding because my mother ran over herself!!!!

And lastly, it was not my mother who planned a party for my grandfather’s 91st birthday with all of his Sunday School class and decide that it would be fun and entertaining to bring her hand bells for all the party guests to play a song together. Let me just pause here and say that none of these guests were under the age of 75! Anyway, my mother didn’t proceed to pass out colored hand bells to each guest and then explain to them that when she showed their color up on the card, they should ring their bell vigorously. She did not hit play on her cd player and out blasts “Oh Holy Night”…such perfect birthday party music. I, without a doubt, did not see numerous guests turning off their hearing aids in hopes of drowning out the madness. Nope…it wasn’t complete chaos as these sweet party guests leaned forward and squinted profusely, trying their best to figure out if their color was being shown. I did not see numerous little ladies just ring their bells throughout the whole song! Oh my…if only you could have been a fly on the wall. But really…that whole scenario so did not happen in our family…nope…we have normal birthday parties with no Christmas-hand bell-concerts.

Oh the laughter my mom has provided for us. She is so loved and I couldn’t imagine life without her joy and spontaneity…her zest for life is a blessing to us all. I love you keep me laughing!


  1. I am laughing at loud imagining that handbell performance. Fantastic!

  2. omg- this is hilarious!!! your mom is too cute, too! Love that pic! Y'all do look alike!

  3. Hilarious! Thank your mother for making me laugh this morning.

    You two are so beautiful! Yes, she could definitely pass for your sister.

  4. your mom sounds like so much fun to be are blessed.

  5. you all look closer to sisters than mom daughter my goodness she looks so young

  6. that was great. loving the picture of a choir of sweet old people ringing bells.

  7. ashlee - i gave you the Fabulous Blog Award! Go to my blog called "Fabulous" for more info about it! :) :)