Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My home away from home...

It’s not a secret that I adore Target. I find myself at Target at least three or four times a week. I can tell you exactly what isle you will find any given item. I am familiar with most of the regular cashiers, in fact, we usually have friendly conversations while checking out. I notice when new displays at the end of the isle are out and I get overly excited when I see new products. The lady at the deli knows exactly what I am going to get without even asking. I know that on Saturdays at noon there will be 2 or 3 vendors at the end of the isle giving away free samples. Did I mention that I love Target? I mean seriously, is there anything you can’t find there? Where else can I get fruit, deli meat, ice cream, a filing cabinet, printer ink, a garden hose, a prescription and new underwear all under the same roof?

I swear, sometimes I think my car just pulls itself into Target when in reality; I don’t need a cotton picking thing from there. And somehow, I can manage to leave with $50.00 worth of stuff I didn’t know I needed. Lately I have also found myself in other stores, not buying a thing, because I say to myself “oh, I can find this exact thing at Target for cheaper.” Not to mention I almost peed on myself when I saw a two story Target in New Orleans!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

As much as I love Target, my hubby hates it equally as much. He hates the long lines, the fact that he can NEVER find me (I can’t tell you how many times that boy calls me in the store and says “where you at…I have been looking all over for you”?), the endless choices of products and most of all…the fact that 90% of our income is delivered straight to Target!

We are seriously going to have to think about purchasing some stock from Target.

Yes, Target is a wonderful place…it’s like my home away from home!

This was on a door at Target....I thought it was funny. I may love Target, but I never claimed they were the brightest star in the galaxy.


  1. Target use to be my second home, till I moved close to a Walmart. Now it's all about the Walmart and I find Target to be expensive. Shows you how CHEAP I am. LOl

    Target Pantry food is way better than Walmart food though! BY FAR!!

  2. ah-ha-ha! Funny pic :0)

    If we lived closer we would have met by now. Because I frequent Target--every Target within a 10 mile radius of home/work--all.the.time.

    Such a dangerous hobby...

  3. I love Target too. I love the sign. I will have to look at our store's door now. I have never noticed that before.

    How is your new job going? I hope you are enjoying is fabulous to love your job to the point that it never feels like a job. :)

  4. That gave me a much needed laugh. How funny! Yep. We should own stock in Target too. Oh, and Cold Stone Creamery :o)

  5. I love TARGET.....Did you read my story about the Target in Warner Robins... scroll down to Wednesday to see what I found at Target.