Thursday, October 1, 2009

Change is upon us...

Did you know… You will spend over 1/3 of your life working. That includes the time you spend at work, as well as all the time you spend preparing for it, looking for it, commuting to it and recovering from it on the weekend.

Side note: Did you know…In a lifetime, the average American will spend:

Six months sitting at stoplights,
eight months opening junk mail,
one year looking for misplaced objects,
two years unsuccessfully returning phone calls,
and seven years waiting in line.

(I would say I will probably spend 10 years waiting in line, I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS pick the worst lines, they may seem like they are a good choice but it never fails that I am stuck behind some lady who forgot a few items so sends her son to “run and get them” while checking out, or the old man who cannot figure out how to work the credit card machine, or someone (like my mother) who still insists on writing out checks for payment!) Sorry…got a little winded there…

Anyway...back on track...I say all this to announce a career change for the Moot's Family!

After much prayer and council from loved ones, Christian and I have decided for me to quit my 8-5 job (even though it is an incredible job, with wonderful people) and begin pursuing my passion of doing graphic design work, full time from home. I have done design in the past on a more part time basis and really loved it, however; I am so excited to have the opportunity to go at it full time. My company name is Image Advertising, LLC and I am so pumped to start growing my business again.

Working from home will enable me to be with my sweet hubby more often and allow us to really put a lot of time and energy into our relationship.

God is so faithful and He continues to amaze us with His goodness, His love and His incredible blessings.

Oh and since this has been a post all about work...I thought you might enjoy a little work related humor...


  1. Good for you! I am so happy that you are pursuing your dream and you will have more time with your husband. Many prayers for you.

  2. What kind of work will you be doing? I am interested in hearing more!

  3. LOl Makes me wish I would win the lottery so I wouldn't have to work. I guess you have to play it to win it though right. lol Blogs a part of that graphic design business you are starting? I'm going to need a new design once halloween is over.

  4. omg- i am jealous. i want to quit my job so bad! where do you work? maybe i could take your old job?! lol. b/c i have to work but i am very unhappy where i am. anyway, i am SO happy for y'all! that is truly very exciting!!!!