Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Are you feeling guilty for sending a birthday card to a relative over two months late? Hope no one saw you when you ran in the grocery store without a bra on? Overcome with embarrassment when realized you had two different shoes on? Well don’t be! Not Me Monday is designed to get those imperfections off your chest and reveal a few moments you’d rather forget. It is oh so refreshing!

This week I most certainly did not order some business cards for my graphic design company and then be notified by my sweet, loving hubby that I had put the wrong phone number. Do you really believe that I would advertise my company to hundreds of people using the wrong contact number? No way, I would never forget my own phone number.

Word around here is that I brought my three year old niece to get donuts on Saturday, and upon realizing that the donut place was out of sprinkled donuts (which is the ONLY donut Adlee Shay will eat) I did not beg and plead loudly with the donut lady (who barely spoke English) to please make an exception and just sprinkle some dang sprinkles over a chocolate donut. It was totally not me who was frantically gesturing to the foreign worker as to how easy it would be to just dip the chocolate covered donut into the sprinkles! It is so not true that we left the donut store with not 1, but 3 custom, hand dipped, sprinkled donuts made especially for Adlee! And no, it is not me who will never show my face in that donut store again.
Oh my, that seems to be enough sharing time for now! Until Next Monday!!!


  1. So funny! On the business cards, I had been handing parents our family card for about a know to call us for playdates and such...well I just realized about a month ago that our address is spelled wrong on the cards. A YEAR and I just now noticed that! WOW!
    I love reading these and knowing that I am not alone :) I am sure we could share some stories!