Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday-Honeymoon Style

Welcome to the first “Not ME Monday” written exclusively by Mrs. Moots! That is right…I am now a full fledged married woman! And let me tell you, I am loving every minute of being married!

I really thought that after the wedding I would stop doing all those “unfortunate accidents”. However, I still seem to be doing some pretty crazy stuff! I think I have like a year grace period as a newlywed to do crazy, off the wall things and still get away with it!

Let me just say, my absent-mindness (is that a word) knows no geographical boundaries. Apparently being in Jamaica doesn’t make me exempt from stupidity.

I did NOT go to a gourmet-authentic-Jamaican food buffet on the beach, complete with 15 tables full of unique varieties of Jamaican pork, chicken, beef, cheese, vegetables, and proceed to eat 5 dinner rolls as my complete meal. Nope, I did not browse over all those tables of food and not find one cotton picking thing that I wanted. I did not fill my plate with yummy dinner rolls and butter. Nope, that wasn’t me inhaling bread and butter.

Please, I am begging you, don’t believe that it was me who fell asleep on my honeymoon almost every night at 9:15. No sir, I was living it up in Jamaica, enjoying the festive night life…Not out like a log before 9:30 pm.

Word around here is, that I asked a waiter at one of the restaurants if a-la-carte meant we were brought a cart filled with food and were able to choose whatever we wanted from that cart? However, that rumor would be false. I know what a-la-carte means and even if I didn’t, I would never blurt out such an ignorant question.

I beg you people…please don’t believe that I could do any of these things.


  1. You crack me up. Too funny! We still tease my brother about going to a seafood restaurant and asking if he could just be brought a loaf of french bread and butter. It looks like you might get teased about the dinner roll one too :)

  2. lol! Glad to hear you didn't do any of that ;)

  3. LOL No you wouldn't do any of that. LOL

  4. omg, ashlee!! er, mrs. moots!!! you're hilarious!!! :)