Monday, September 21, 2009

Bed Buying 101

Married life is wonderful…we are having a blast getting to hangout together 24/7! We have been so busy getting settled in, washing clothes, hanging pictures, writing thank you notes, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and just enjoying being a married couple!

We have even made a few big purchases for our house. A few weeks ago we purchased some patio furniture because we spent so much time on the honeymoon out on our patio reading, talking and napping that we thought we would re-create that ambiance on our back patio. Well…we have been out there once in the last few weeks…staring at the bricks of your neighbors house doesn’t quite have the same peaceful, relaxing feel like staring at a beautiful blue ocean. Perhaps we could put a huge poster of a beach on the bricks and get a sound machine that makes wave noises.

We also purchased a new bed!! My bed was a little too feminine for Christian’s taste so we agreed on something more manly. We got an excellent deal and boy, you should have seen me haggling with the furniture dealer. After much back and forth, I got him down a whopping $21.00. Yes indeed, I should audition for “Let’s Make a Deal”.

Anyway, we put the feminine bed on Craigslist in hopes of selling it quickly to get it out of our garage. We received tons of inquires, and one gentleman in particular was rather persistent in his obtaining our bed. He called numerous times to ask questions and then made the trip to our house to take a look at it and purchase it if he liked it. Let me just say, you would have thought he was purchasing a new, $30,000 car instead of an $80 bed. This dude looked this bed over for like half an hour…he wanted to know where we got it, how much we paid, who manufactured it, how long we had it, did we ever jump on the bed, have we treated it kindly, had it been near any water or flooding, had it ever been exposed to fire or smoke, had we ever experienced any squeaking or noises from the bed, was it real bronze or painted, did we think it would match his daughters taupe paint color…I mean seriously…I just wanted him to tell him “dude…it’s an 80.00 bed…I don’t write a monthly report on the status of my bedroom furniture, just take the bed and go…just stop asking us questions”!

So he decides, after 45 minutes of interrogation, to load up the bed and take it home. Christian then spends another half an hour helping the guy disassemble the bed further and squeeze it into his Hummer…yes the guy drives a hummer…yet you would think this $80.00 bed was the biggest purchase he had made all year.

Finally, after like an hour of dealing with this precious buyer, he leaves. Christian has to take a shower from the hard labor and I need a nap. Seriously…we should have just put it on the side of the road with a sign that said “free to a good home, just take it…don’t ask questions.”


  1. HAHA! That man is crazy! Glad y'all got a new bed, though!:) YAY! Glad you're enjoying married life!

  2. what a nut! Glad you were able to make the transition though :0)