Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh No He Didn't...

I know nothing about golf and quite frankly I really don’t see the fun in it; however, Very-Soon-to-be-Hubby loves it. My dad never got into fishing, hunting or golf so I have not had much experience with “manly hobbies”.

But let me tell you, Christian is VERY serious about his golf game. He recently called me to inform me that these new clubs were half off and he just felt like it was a necessity that he get these clubs to improve his golf game. So, being the wonderful, understanding fiancé that I am, I encouraged him to take the plunge and get him some new clubs. So he buys them, and may I just say he spent most of that evening just admiring and gazing at his clubs.

The next day, I get a message from him on my phone informing me that if I happened to be searching for the perfect wedding gift for him, there was a golf bag at Tiger Mania that was just calling his name. Um…okay.

That is not all my dear friends, last weekend he informed me that he had to get a new “driver”. Apparently this is another golf club that did NOT come in the complete set that was previously bought.

Side note: Seriously, how many different clubs does it take to get that tiny ball into the hole?? I mean really, one is plenty.

And if that wasn’t enough for me to realize that my Soon-to-be-hubby has an addiction to golf, this is what I see when I got out to his car the other night.
Yep. He buckled in his new golf club. I am not kidding…my precious mate is so worried about the safety and well being of his golf club, that he felt it was necessary to buckle the dang thing up.

I see therapy in our future. Lots of therapy.


  1. Oh, this is too funny! I love it!

    Also, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. They mean the world to my family and me.

    What is the wedding count down to???

  2. He and my dad would get along swimmingly. My boyfriend is following close behind...sigh...

  3. Goodness, that's hysterical!!!!! Now that's some serious love of golf right weren't messing around!!!!

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

  4. Ashlee I am laughing my head off. You and Christian will never have a dull moment. Love Ms. Brend

  5. Oh My Word!!! Time for some Intervention! lol

  6. lol! mine buckles in the Gentleman Jack...