Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy's Girl

From before I could take any steps or even speak
My heart belonged to my daddy, a love so special and unique

Two peas in a pod, I think he’d agree,
Friends for a lifetime we would always be.My encourager, provider, and leader along the way
His gentle guidance and wisdom has made me who I am today.
The laughter, the joy, and the memories we share
Are some of my best moments, not much can compare.
So as I prepare to take another man’s hand,
and take my place as a wife, next to him I’ll now stand

I pause to thank God for giving me the best gift of all
A daddy that loved me and gave me the confidence to stand tall

Even though things are changing, there is one thing I can guarantee
Without a doubt… a daddy’s girl I’ll forever be.


  1. How Sweet! I'm sure he would cherish this if he reads your blog!

  2. Stopping by from SITS! I love this post, it reminds me how much I appreciate and love my Dad. Love your blog and the colors, adorable!

  3. Visiting from SITS. How sweet! It's great that you have such a great relationship with your father. It will make a huge difference in your marriage.

  4. aw, that's too sweet! i'm a daddy's girl too:)
    love the pics!

  5. Those are some great photos. I wish I could say I was a daddies girl. I used to be not so much anymore i guess. kinda sad

  6. That's really cute... I post on my mom, and you posted on your dad.

    Where would we be without our amazing parents!


  7. This is too precious! I remember feeling this way before I got married, too. Seemed like I was extra sentimental in those last few weeks. Blog hopped my way here from LMM, I'm currently on a blogging hiatus, but really enjoyed your blog and will be back! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

  8. Oh my....this was soooo sweet! Totally made me miss my dad. He passed away a year before I got married...but we made our wedding into something that honored him.

    Enjoy your day girl!