Thursday, July 23, 2009

Devestating Drink Dilemma

There is major news that I must share with you. Please hold onto your seats because this is huge.

For our honeymoon, Soon-to-be-Hubby and I are traveling to Jamaica! We are staying at a couples resort called Couples Swept Away. We will enjoy seven days on the white, sandy beaches, taking in the warm sun, splashing in the crystal clear waters, and just relaxing and having fun being newlyweds.

We are so excited!

Here is the kicker…

Let me just say that I am somewhat of a picky eater…okay, fine…I am a terribly, stubborn eat- the-same-thing-everyday eater. I just know what I like and I eat those few things… again and again. But let’s not focus on my flaws. Anyway, for lunch I usually always eat a sandwich, (sometimes turkey, sometimes peanut butter and jelly), cheesy Doritos and a large diet coke. So I got to thinking, will they have diet coke in Jamaica? More importantly will they have it at our resort? I decide to take it upon myself to find out the answer to this mystery. So I do what any normal, inquisitive person would do…I call Jamaica!

Man: “It is a beautiful day at Couples Swept Away, mon!” How may I assist you?”

Me: “um hi this is (should I use a fake name cause this is an off the wall question? I decide to be real and not ashamed) Ashlee and I am wondering if there is diet coke at your resort?

Man: silence

Me: “You know the drink? Diet Coke, Diet Cola?”

Man: “No mon, no diet coke here. Lots of good drinks with fresh fruit. We also offer a wide variety of wines, beers and coolers.”

Me: “so no sodas? Particularly diet coke?”

Man: “no mon”

Me: about to cry… “can I make a special request to get diet coke in my room?” (soon to be hubby would kill me if he knew I asked this question…come to think of it…he would probably kill me if he knew I was making this call!)

Man: “I don’t think so, mon. It is okay, the island life will not disappoint ya! Ya have a good time, I promise mon!”

I hang up and immediately panic…I have a huge crisis on my hands. There is no diet coke at the resort where we are staying. It pains me just to type that phrase. I guess I’ll just have to call the airlines and see if I can pack a few liters of diet coke! I wish they made packets of diet coke that you could just add water to it and make your own! Wish me luck! Off to call the airport!


  1. Oh my word. You called them? That is sooo something I would do. But you'll be in such a fog of wedded bliss you won't even miss that ol' diet coke honey. I promise!


  2. I would DIE without my diet coke!!!! Oh man...LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm totally snooping around yours now!!

  3. Well that's just bizarre. Of course we Americans always think something's bizarre if it's not like us. Ha!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm glad you like it! I really enjoy yours too!

  4. That is hilarious! Not that you will be without your Diet Coke, but your phone conversation! I am sure you will have such a great time you won't miss them. Surely you can find them somewhere though. Thanks for the smiles! Blessings dear friend,

  5. OMG! This is the funniest blog! Love it!! Definitely pack some diet coke. But i think you can only pack a certain amount! You might have to have the Coca Cola company ship some diet coke to you in Jamaica! I'm sure the price would be worth it to ya! HAHA.

  6. (I posted earlier, but I don't see it listed.)
    This is hilarious! Not that you cannot get your diet coke, but the conversation you had. I am sure you will be having such a great time that you will not miss your diet coke. :)

  7. Just popping in from SITS.

    You'll live without Diet Coke because you'll be having such a wonderful time....

  8. I have been to quite a few resorts and all of them have had them...Cancun, St. Lucia, Cabo. They have always called it "Coka might call back and try asking that. Coke is way too big to not have it just about everywhere we travel!=) I hope your trip is wonderful and that you do get your favorite beverage. I would be interested to hear if when you get there you find it so stop back by blog when you get back and let me know!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. I just found your blog via Janee, and have to say I've been laughing my head off for the past 1/2 hr or so... congrats on the upcoming wedding!! Glad to see your doing well, it's been a while...