Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Is it really Monday again? Well, then I guess it is time for Not Me Monday! A time to share the wonderful things I certainly don’t do in life. Monday, has given me something fun to look forward to on the first day of each week...sharing my imperfections while pretending I actually am perfect.

This weekend, you could most certainly NOT find me watching a UFC fight for THREE hours. No sir…I would never watch something so barbaric and disgusting. I beg you not to believe that it was me who was whooping and hollering, getting all into the fight. I was certainly not cheering and encouraging my favorite fighters. Nope, I covered my eyes and refused to watch something so horrific. I am much too dignified and lady-like to participate in something like that. Please don’t think that it was me who gave a high five to my hubby after the big fight…no indeed, I do not encourage these things.

Please don’t believe that this weekend, while at a party, my niece asked me for something to drink and I replied, “abso-toot-a-lutely”. I did not come to a dead stop and realize that I am so becoming my mother. I would not be caught saying something so corny in public.

Oh and if anyone tells you that it was me who pumped gas this weekend and then drove off without my cap on the tank…please realize that they are lying. I would never have to perform a u-turn and halt traffic in order to pick up my gas cap from the middle of the road…that would just be madness and soooo not me.

Whew…I feel much better. Now jump on over to MckMama’s and read some other Not Me’s…it will make you feel better too!


  1. I also did not watch the UFC fight with my husband...and I also was not disappointed when the the satellite kept going off during the fight! tee-hee!

  2. Too funny about the gas cap. Cute 'not me' Mondays! :)

  3. I have done the gas cap. Or maybe I didn't do it!

  4. I am SOO happy to hear that you did not watch that horribleness!! I wouldnt even begin to believe you if you had!

  5. If my gas cap wast't tethered to my car I would probably NOT leave it behind either!

  6. Oh, of course I would NOT be caught dead driving away with the gascap way! he he! this was a fun post to read, thanks for sharing!