Friday, June 26, 2009

Useless Facts Friday

Woohoo it is finally Friday! Time to unwind and get ready for the weekend! So, since my mind is exhausted and tired of performing at such high speeds and capabilities, I have decided to entertain both you and myself with these useless, yet fun, facts.

Please pause and ponder these pointless phrases and my profound parenthesis.

You're born with 300 bones, but by the time you become an adult, you only have 206. (Not sure how this happens, "Oops, there went another bone, darn old age.")

Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a "Friday the 13th." (did I mention soon to be hubby proposed to me on Friday the 13th. Freaky, huh?)

Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people. (this sucks cause I am left-handed. I think it is probably because left handed people are so much smarter, and our brains are just too tired and worn out from all the thinking.)

Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older. (I bet none of those were left handed either.)

The electric chair was invented by a dentist. (yep...I can see how this could be true.)

Most lipstick contains fish scales! (eww, no wonder I hate lipstick)

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, and had only ONE testicle. (not sure how to comment on that one!)

Cats spend about 70% of a day sleeping. (so do teenagers and old people)

Rabbits cannot throw up (I knew I should have been a rabbit. I hate to throw-up. I would rather have one or more of my fingers cut off than to have to that happen. Okay...let's move on now.)

A dime has 118 ridges on its side (yep, I counted, it is true... Just kidding, I do have a life ya know?)

Wasn't that refreshing? Enjoy your weekend!


  1. just found you on SITS.

    haha i really enjoyed those facts! more more! ;-)

    have a great weekend.

  2. Came over from SITS. Love this post...hilarious! Congrats on the upcoming nuptials.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on the upcoming marriage.

  4. interesting facts, ha. Visiting from SITS! enjoyed reading your blog.


  5. Aw, I loved your story in MckMama's community about your special guy! Blessings to you both... I know that the 2 months before the wedding can get overwhelming! Said a little prayer for you this evening!

  6. Very interesting facts! Don't understand the one about having 300 bones when you are born and 206 by the time you are an adult...that's just weird!

    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  7. This was really cute...thanks for the facts and also for stopping by my blog. Your blog is cute and I will be stopping by again soon.